The Perfect Guide to Install, Service, and Maintain the Aluminium Shutter Doors

In the current times, the price of everything ranging from your daily foodstuff to your favorite restaurant’s menu has shot through the roof and in such a situation, aluminum shutter doors are the solution to your problem. They provide excellent insulation from heat and sound and successfully meet the standards set by the governments for the buildings when compared with their counterparts like timber or PVC. When it comes to affordability, they go easy on your pocket when compared with other shutters. It enhances the look of the home and is three times stronger than the PVC and a whopping 4.3 times than the wood. Therefore, in every way, installing aluminum shutter doors is the best way to protect your home from bad weather conditions.

So, let’s know the method of installing these shutters: 

1. Installation of the aluminum shutter doors

Also known as hurricane shutters because these aluminum shutter doors are specifically designed to protect the house from the damage caused due to the bad weather conditions like hail storms, storms, cyclones or hurricanes. The most common method of installing these aluminum shutter doors is track system. This method involves the use of two metal tracks, one is installed at the top of the door and the other one at the below to hold the aluminum shutter doors in place. For an experienced and regular DIYer, installing these should not be that difficult but remember to be patient.

  • Install the header track at the top and bottom track at the below of the door. Make sure that these tracks are fastened securely with stainless steel screws. Go through the manual provided by the manufacturer in the shutter doors Take appropriate precautions like wearing work gloves so that your hands remain safe during the entire procedure.
  • Use a bead of silicone caulk at the top of the header track so that you can seal it against rain.
  • Slip the shutter doors between the tracks but make sure you slip the uppermost end of the first shutter into the header.
  • Give a good press to the bottom of the panel against the house wall. Double check the bolts and make sure that they protrude through the keyhole slots.
  • If necessary, place the keyhole washers on the bolts. Usually, this step is required only if it mentioned in the user manual provided in the aluminum shutter doors kit.
  • Slip in the second shutter and make sure it overlaps the first one and repeat the procedure of securing the bottom of the shutter with wing nuts or keyhole washers.
  • Repeat the entire procedure till all the shutter panels are held between the header and the bottom tracks firmly and securely.

Well, right now all this might sound a bit complicated but in reality, this entire procedure does not take more than fifteen minutes to install the shutter doors.

2. Servicing the aluminum shutter doors

Usually, the company like Betta Security which sells these shutter doors provides the servicing from time to time so that your aluminum shutter doors remain in perfect condition and serve the purpose they were installed for.

3. Maintenance

In these times of high cost and inflation, these aluminum shutter doors prove to be a real boon for all house owners. These are robust and are almost maintenance free because of its corrosion resisting property. They withstand the harsh environmental conditions bravely, and unlike the other windows or doors, these do not swell, crack or split and has a longer life than all other kinds of doors.

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  1. I like when you said that aluminum shutter doors are robust and maintenance free because of its corrosion resisting property. I want to get some aluminum doors for my room since they are stronger. Thanks for the information on aluminum doors and windows and I hope that I can get a good door for my room soon!

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