7 PDF Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Master

The PDF is a versatile document format that has been around for decades. Likely, you’re already using it, but do you know all the tips and tricks to make it work best for your needs? Whether it is not formatted correctly or has misspellings, there are plenty of things that you can do to improve your document. Here are seven PDF tips and tricks that everyone should master.

1. Turn Docs to PDFs

You may need to convert a document to PDF format, but not all documents will work well in this format. For example, if you try and turn a Microsoft Word .docx file into a PDF document, it may not look right once it’s been converted. Sometimes the font and text size will change or be reduced, and that can make your document much harder to read.

2. Break and Merge PDFs

There are times when you may need to break a PDF document into separate pages or merge multiple PDFs into one document. You can easily do this with the right software. By breaking a PDF, you can make it easier to email or print. If you need to combine documents, it can be helpful to create one master document.

3. Translate PDFs

PDFs help share documents with others because they keep the formatting intact, but things may not be easy if you can’t read a certain language. The Cuneiform plugin for Adobe Acrobat lets you translate written languages into English – including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean – which can be a lifesaver when needing to read a document in a hurry.

4. Edit PDFs

Editing a PDF used to be difficult, but now there are plenty of software options that make the process much easier. With the right software, you can add text, images, and more to your documents. You can also fill out forms that are part of the document or edit text without changing the document’s layout.

5. Protect PDF Files

If you need to keep your PDF files confidential, there are ways to protect them. You can add a password to a document so only those who know the password can open it. You can also restrict certain actions, such as printing or editing, so unauthorized users cannot change your document.

6. Save a PDF as a Word Doc

If you have a PDF document and you need to make edits or add comments, it can be helpful to save it in the editable Microsoft Word format. This is an easy way for multiple users at the workplace to access the same document and share notes without sending the document back and forth.

7. Create a PDF from a Website

If you need to save a website for offline use, the best way to do it is by creating a PDF of the website. You can do this easily in Adobe Acrobat, and it will preserve all the formatting of the website so that the document will look the same as it does online. You can also use C# to create PDF files.


With these seven PDF tips and tricks, you can master the software to save time and make sure documents are saved correctly. The above points will help you make better use of your PDF files.


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