Interested in Becoming a Medical Assistant? Here’s What You Should Know

The medical field is a wide and expansive field, with many different avenues to explore. If you are interested in gaining experience in the field, without heading to an intense amount of school, becoming a medical assistant might be for you. Read on to find out what you should know if you are considering this career.


First and foremost, if you are not a people person then this is not the job for you. As a medical assistant, one must engage in conversation with all sorts of individuals and meet many different personalities. So with that said, if engaging in conversation with people is not for you, then please find a different career field. As a medical assistant, communication is key. Communication between the patients and the doctors is one of the main and one of the most important duties a medical assistant can have. Without communication between all parties involved in the treatment of a patient, there could potentially be an irreversible error that can lead to a patient’s death.

Learn about Other Opportunities

Keep in mind that being a medical assistant is not for everyone. One person may want to become a medical assistant and learn that they either want to become more involved in the treatment of a patient, or less involved in the career field all together. When attending classes, studying and understanding what you read is also very important. The importance of reading and understanding a prescription can be the one thing that either saves a life or complicates matters for both the patient and the doctor. Another reason communication is so important is so that the correct paperwork can be sent to the insurance company error free.

Practice Always

Practice makes perfect. Training in medical assistant programs can help you practice these important skills. Taking time out to learn the proper way to draw blood from a patient or read a urine test can actually benefit the patient, the doctor, the company and yourself. This is why it is also important to educate yourself with the office specialty that you work at as a medical assistant. For example, if you work for an otolaryngologist, you might have to learn how to use the audiology machine in order to help the doctor with hearing tests and clean instruments used on patients. At any position, you will have to learn about insurance so that your doctor, his company and yourself are able to get paid.


Learning is 100% beneficial for all parties involved in a medical office. Learning medical terminology helps minimize having to look up what diagnoses and procedures are being completed during treatment for both inpatient and outpatient settings. Learning the job in and of itself is a wise and helpful thing to do as a medical assistant. The more you know, the easier the job becomes which also leads to a very happy doctor and work environment. We can’t forget that knowing the job also gives the patient confidence, trust, and relieves the patient of any stress on their first visit to a new doctor’s office.

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