Employment Essentials – 5 Things Gen Z and Millennial Employees Want in the Workplace

It’s hard not to notice just how far our workplaces have come in such a short amount of time. In most industries, you’re no longer required to work endless hours, and there are health and safety policies in place to keep us safe. 

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However, we still have a long way to go, and Gen Z and millennial employees are leading the charge. With hard work and policy changes, they are fighting for the following changes in our modern-day workplaces: 

Equal Opportunities

Inclusive employment and workplace diversity should be commonplace in all workplaces, but that’s sadly not always the case. Gen Z and millennial employees want equal opportunities for all. They don’t want to see people missing out on chances for advancement based on their background, gender, disabilities, or the color of their skin. 

Alarmingly, two out of every five women say they have been discriminated against at work based on their gender, and three in five US employees describe having witnessed or experienced discrimination in some form. If this describes you, contact a employment discrimination attorney to find out what your rights are. 

Working Hour Flexibility

The nine-to-five grind doesn’t suit everyone, nor does working in an office environment 40 hours a week. Millennial and Gen Z employees want more work-life balance and believe business owners can offer it by being more flexible with their work arrangements. 

Fortunately, many corporations are answering the call with remote employment opportunities and variable hours. More and more employees are able to work the hours they’re most productive and choose to work from the home or the office. Such flexibility may just lead to higher retention rates and increased staff happiness. 

Their Wellbeing Prioritized

Happy workers are productive workers, which means business owners need to be doing all they can to prioritize the well-being of their workforce. That’s precisely what workers are now demanding. 

Some company leaders may see that as a significant undertaking and not a realistic one, but it’s entirely doable with just a few adjustments to behavior and environment. Prioritizing wellbeing can be as simple as encouraging communication, recognizing good work, promoting team relationships, and allowing employees to have a voice. 

Even incorporating wellness services such as in-house massages and yoga and installing quiet reflection spaces may make a world of difference. Failure to prioritize wellbeing may see businesses lose employees faster than they can hire them. 

Ethical Practices

Millennials and Gen Z are leading the charge regarding taking care of our people and planet. If they see unethical practices or believe their employers are partaking in practices that undermine everything we’ve been working so hard to achieve, they may speak out, leave, or both. 

Whether they’re an IT expert working for a managed service provider or a journalist writing for a newspaper, this generation wants to work for ethical businesses that value people and the planet and won’t sacrifice either of them to chase after profit. 

Fair Pay

Though millennials make up the largest generation now in our workforce, they earn a lower income than the national average. Some studies have even shown that the average income of millennials is 20% lower than the baby boomer generation’s salary when they were the same age. With housing and everyday essentials becoming more unaffordable by the day, such low incomes are not sustainable. 

Millennials and Gen Z aren’t asking for anything out of the ordinary. All they want is to be treated fairly and given reasonable pay and a little freedom with the hours they work. They also want to know that the company they work for is ethical. When you think about it, these are all things companies should be prioritizing anyway.

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