Safe Paintball Alternatives for Kids and Tweens

Paintball is a fun game for kids, but they aren’t allowed to play in most places because they’re too young. It can also be unsafe for kids when played with the wrong gear or in the wrong environment. The good news is that there are tons of awesome paintball alternatives for kids who still want to have fun. What matters most is finding a safe alternative for your child. 

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In this post, we’ll talk about five paintball alternatives that provide tons of family-friendly fun.

1. Gel Blasters

If you’re a fan of paintball but don’t want to risk getting clothes, your yard, and maybe the side of your house covered in paint, Gel Blasters are a great alternative. It’s basically paintball for kids, but with gel pellets. The pellets are soaked in water first, and cleanup is super easy when you’re done.

These blasters are a great way to teach the kids how to play paintball without giving them authentic paintball equipment. Get a group of kids together, or play as a family. Split into teams and play games like capture-the-flag, elimination, or create your own scenario. You could even throw the game rules out the window and have a free-for-all! So get your own gel ball blaster and start having safe but exciting fun that you can do almost anywhere.

2. Water Wars

Water wars for kids are a great way to cool down in the summer. They’re also low-cost and can be played with minimal supplies, making them an even better option for parents on a budget. This game involves two teams spraying each other with water to try and soak the opposing team – no need to worry about safety since there are no projectiles involved. Teams should be split up to have one on each side of an area, preferably a large space like a backyard or park. 

There are two main ways to go about this game: if you have enough kids or tweens for four teams, they can play in pairs (two against two). The goal here is to stay dry while getting the opponent soaked by shooting them from afar using squirt guns filled with water. If some players don’t want to participate, it’s possible to pair them into three groups instead. You could also swap the squirt guns for water balloons if you want to avoid using anything resembling a gun. 

3. Laser Tag

This interactive game uses infrared lasers to project points on players’ bodies so they know when they’ve been hit. Just like with water wars, teams should be split up to have one on each side of an area, preferably a large space like a backyard or park. The goal is to covertly tag the opposing team’s players without getting tagged themselves.

The game can also involve more than two teams (one against three). If you don’t want kids using any kind of guns, this would be a good option. It may seem silly and simple, but laser tag is actually really fun and brings out the creativity in children. They love making their own gear for playing as well as designing different maps for the game itself. Get them involved. 

4. Archery Tag

The archery tag combines dodgeball with archery, using bows and arrows instead of throwing balls at each other. This game is great for smaller spaces like a backyard. The goal of the game is to tag as many members of the opposing team as possible with arrows without getting hit themselves. It’s a fun and exciting outdoor paintball alternative that is more inclusive and can be played by any age group outside in spring and summer.

A game of archery tag with a few modifications to the rules makes it perfect for younger kids. Add in some soft foam arrows or nerf-like weapons instead of using real ones. These arrows are safe to use indoors, so this game can be played in a gymnasium or living room without fear of injury. Younger kids won’t need as much gear for archery tag as they would for paintball. 

  • You’ll just need bows and arrows that have been modified with soft foam tips on the end instead of sharp ones to ensure safety
  • As long as your child is old enough not to put things in their mouth, then it should work well
  • If you want them more involved than just running around aimlessly while being shot at by grown-ups, consider designing some custom maps for them using chalk on the ground or sidewalk outside before playing

5. Super Soaker Battles

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Super soaker battles are also a fun alternative to paintball that is just as wet and won’t leave anyone with welts. In these, players use water guns of various sizes and power ratings against one another in the backyard or on a playground. This game can be played either by teams or individually for some friendly competition. It’s a good idea to have a designated area of play in the yard. 

Kids and tweens can play many different games within this context. There is capture-the-flag, which is when someone has to carry an object back to their base without getting hit. There is also elimination rounds with two people facing off until there’s only one person left standing who becomes the winner. This is also a great option if your child wants to play something like tag but doesn’t want to get hurt from all those tiny balls flying at them continuously. 

Fun Games Will Keep Your Kids Active

These alternative activities are great for kids who might get bored with traditional organized sports leagues often offered during school hours. With these games, you don’t have to worry about your kids sitting on the couch and playing video games all day. They’ll be too busy having fun outside!

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