Design from Dreams: Style & Zen Carpet Diem

“An interior is the natural projection of the soul.” – Coco Chanel

Our environment can have a strong impact on how we feel. Depending on how we’ve mastered our interior design, our home can either empower us or bring us down – and nobody wants the latter option. This is the reason why we often turn to Feng Shui. When we think about applying this approach, we usually have in mind big things, such as beds, pipes and furniture arrangement. However, some seemingly small and insignificant items, like rugs, can also make a huge impact on the interior’s Chi (positive energy). So, let us see how you can use rugs to optimize energy and introduce harmony into your home.

Understanding the relationship between colors and Feng Shui elements

The simplest way to introduce a positive energy flow into your home is to use colors as expressions of the five Feng Shui elements. Luckily, carpets and rugs come in all sorts of colors so you won’t have any problem finding the matching shade for your needs.

  • Wood helps develop creative thinking and it represents personal growth and renewal. The colors associated with this element are green and brown, but sometimes you can even use purples (not pastels).
  • Fire is the most powerful Feng Shui element that symbolizes energy, transformation, and passion. The colors that can be used to mimic this element in your home are red, orange, bright yellow, pink and purple.
  • Earth represents permanence and stability. The colors that match the specifics of this element are sandy/earthy tones, light brown and light yellow.
  • Metal unifies all the other elements and stimulates mental strength. You can introduce it into your home with white and gray rugs.
  • Water is associated with a flow of money and career. All shades of blue are great for symbolizing water, but sometimes you can even use touches of black.

Shaping up your energy

Colors are not the only way to bring the energy of Feng Shui into your home. You can also do that with shapes. There are many shapes of floor rugs, but the most frequently used are round, oval and square. Let’s see how exactly they contribute to your Chi:

  • Round shapes symbolize peace and spirituality. They create a relaxing space and pleasant mood, free of any pressure.
  • Oval rugs carry powerful energy. They attract positive changes, and bring good luck and wealth.
  • Square floor rugs (including wall-to-wall carpets) unite material, intellectual and technological areas.

Design matters, too

Choosing rugs based on basic Feng Shui principles could be as simple as selecting one element and then using a monochrome rug in the color that is associated with that element. However, the design of the rug plays a significant role here, too. Just take a look at the water element. A blue rug is a logical choice, but that is only if you want to soothe the energy of some space. If you want to let go of some things and move on with your life, you will need a rug with patterns that mimic a water flow (several different shades of blue). Every single one of these elements can be similarly represented through different patterns.

Where to place specific rugs?

If you want to be strict about Feng Shui rules, you will first do a bagua map of your home that will help you understand better where to position specific elements. In general, you could use blue square rugs in work areas (e.g. home office), because they combine money flow and intellectual capacity. The wood element enhances creativity, so green and brown rugs can also work great in that space, but in the kitchen, too. Oval rugs attract positivity, so they are an ideal choice for family rooms.

These are merely just a few suggestions for introducing the energy of Feng Shui into your home through rugs. You can study the elements and shapes more carefully and find the combination that works the best for your home.

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