Workout Alternatives that Work: Everyday Activities to Count as Exercise

Guest post contributed by Abigail

I never imagined sitting for almost eight hours a day would be this body-aching and tiring. When I started working in an office-based company, I have no choice but to sit in front of the computer. I was so used to walking and standing for long periods of time at the university. It’s been completely hard to squeeze in an evening jog, let alone a gym session because of the pending graduate school workload to even think about. Plus, I’ve just recovered from a shoulder injury due to an ill-execution of a strength exercise so I should avoid rigorous routines in the meantime. I’m hesitant to consider my lifestyle as healthy because I barely even sweat. Fortunately, many people go through similar situations, and their advice on how to address this sheds hope to my frustrations. The workout alternatives are the ones we often take for granted every day.
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