Outfit Inspiration: How to Dress for a Brunch Party

Brunch is a great opportunity to get together with friends or family. However, as with any upcoming event, looking at the part can be stressful, especially with the pressure of knowing that photos will surely be taken. 

If you’ve been invited to a brunch party and are now racking your brain about what to wear, have no fear, I’ve put together this handy guide to help you put together the perfect outfit. With the right ensemble, you can feel good about how you look and focus on being present in the moment, instead of worrying about being overdressed or underdressed. 

But first, before I jump into my favorite outfit ideas, there are a few specific things you might want to consider when figuring out how to dress for a brunch party, including:

  • The host’s style (Are they going to be dressed to the 9’s or focused on comfort?) 
  • The venue (Find something that’s appropriate for the setting) 
  • The occasion (Is the event more dressy or casual?) 
  • The season (Make sure you dress warm or cool enough to stay comfortable) 
  • The length of the event (If you’re expecting to stand around for a long wait, choose your shoes carefully)

And don’t forget, feeling your best is key, so pick a style that suits you. Whether you prefer a smart casual style or something more laid back, these diverse options are sure to inspire: 


If you’re going to a nice restaurant or celebrating a special occasion, you might want to dress your look up a bit. Here are a few ideas for a classy and sophisticated look: 

  • Chiffon top with a dressy skirt 
  • Blazer with a nice pair of dress pants (keep this look simple to avoid looking uptight) 
  • A light-colored cocktail dress (pastels are always a great option for brunch) 
  • Cashmere sweater with a pair of slacks 
  • Peplum top with capris 

When it comes to completing your sophisticated brunch ensemble, you can’t forget about the accessories. I’d recommend a statement necklace or a few pieces of sleek jewelry like a simple earring and bracelet set or a nice watch. Finish it off with a nice bag and heels and you’ll be dressed to impress. 

Laid Back 

Sometimes a brunch party with your close friends isn’t all that fancy and that’s fine. Here are my favorite ideas for a laid back brunch look: 

  • Dark denim with a classic v-neck white tee 
  • Lace kimono with a tank top and light-wash jeans 
  • Jean jacket with a chemise top and black denim 
  • Sundress in linen color and woven platform sandals

Throw on a dad hat or do a messy fishtail braid to tie this easy-breezy look together. This look is meant to be easy to pull together with little preparation. 


Are you and your friends hitting the newest brunch spot in your neighborhood for a birthday celebration? For this type of brunch party, I’d recommend something on the trendier side, such as: 

  • Jumpsuit with wedges 
  • Jean jacket with a t-shirt dress and platform sneakers 
  • Trench coat with boot-cut white jeans and a tucked-in tee (add pumps for a more upscale look)
  • Faux fur jacket with booties and ripped jeans
  • Wrap the front skirt with a slightly oversized sweater tucked at the waist 

A pair of women’s loafers are the perfect way to complete a casual, cool outfit. And, if you’re going to be outside, top off your look with a taupe black wide-brimmed fedora and flattering sunglasses.


Fortunately, athleisure doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. And, it seems to make the perfect look for brunch. Especially if it’s planned for early in the morning. Here are a few of my favorite athleisure looks to wear to brunch: 

  • Black leggings with a classic tee and canvas jacket
  • Light-wash jean jacket with leggings and colorful running shoes 
  • Form-fitting leggings with platform tennis shoes and a longline jacket 
  • Bomber jacket with faux-leather leggings and your favorite pair of tennis shoes

Pull your hair up into a sleek ponytail or messy bun to complete the look. These comfortable and cute styles are especially beneficial if you have some Sunday errands to wrap up after the gathering. 


Whether you’re a mom with kids who need your hand in getting ready or just need some outfit inspiration for yourself, this brunch party style guide will make getting out the door on time easy and stress-free. Keep in mind that these are just starting points. You can make these outfits your own by tweaking the accessories and shoes.  


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  1. Great ideas for wearing the perfect outfit for brunch. I always tend to be overdressed for most things My friends and family would be shocked if I ever showed up anywhere dressed down, lol.

  2. I love these ideas. I’ll be honest, I’m all about comfort and show up to these things in jeans and a hoodie with a sarcastic phrase on the front.

  3. Cute ideas! I think a blazer always makes things seem a little more businsessy. But your right it really depends on the type of brunch you are having, your own personal style and your mood.

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