4 Throwback Fan Bases You and Your Child Can Bond Over

Finding a shared interest with your kids is always a good thing. If you are like many, one of the best ways to find that common ground is through a shared love of media. Below are four media fanbases that parents and kids can both enjoy.

Star Wars

There are few fanbases more enduring than Star Wars. With the ninth mainline movie releasing soon and hundreds of pieces of secondary media floating around, everyone in the family can find something to like. Whether the kids have more fun watching shows like Rebels or the adults prefer to read some of the old EU novels, Star Wars is great at providing a common ground on which parents and kids can find themselves.


Transformers was a juggernaut in the 1980s, but it’s never really gone away. The cartoon series has changed a great deal from the toy-based franchise’s roots, but the toys themselves are just as fun as ever. Kids will have just as much fun playing around with the old Transformers G1 toys as with the new versions, while parents can have a great time showing off everything they loved about the original franchise. The comics can also be great for both kids and adults, as they provide a great sense of continuity to bridge the old and new.

Power Rangers

Power Rangers is definitely a franchise with a lot more longevity than most would have assumed. With 25 years of shows under its belt just in the US, parents and kids can show one another their favorite episodes of their favorite series. One of the really cool parts about this fanbase is that actors from the older shows keep showing up on the newer shows, allowing parents to see some of their childhood favorites while they watch with their kids.


This classic toy franchise got an entirely new life on Netflix, and it’s a great piece of work over which parents and children can bond. Kids will love the new show, while parents will love having the chance to share the classic version of the franchise with their kids. Spending some time hunting down the old toys can be a fun past-time for parents and kids alike, and both can have fun watching both the old show on DVD and the new show when it’s streaming.

These are just four of many fanbases. What makes them all work is that they have both modern and classic aspects that allow every generation a chance to show off what they love. If you’re looking for a way to bond, these are four great places to start.

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