Natural and Holistic Approach For Treating Your Hair

Holistic treatments are all the rage in the world of beauty these days, but while most ladies have tried at least one multi-modal personal care product, few girls have heard that hair care can also take the holistic guise. Compared to traditional hair treatments, holistic routines are safer, more efficient, and they also have longer-lasting effects since they nourish tresses from the inside out.

Eager to learn how to make the switch to holistic hair care most easily? Then you’d better check out the tips below and use them to your hair’s advantage.


First come, first shine: Know your hair’s needs

As voluminous and glossy as your hair might look after the visit to the beauty parlor, it’ll quickly lose its glow through exposure to the elements, pollutants, hard water, and chemical-based hair care products. To help your locks stay radiant and healthy, try to figure out what your hair is trying to tell you it needs in terms of nourishment and care. For instance, splitting ends and hair fall may point to vitamin deficiency, whereas lifeless tresses are usually a sign that you’re using the wrong shampoo type or that you need to stop blow-drying your hair.

You should also take a look at your menu and see if it’s missing any hair-friendly nutrients such as protein, Vitamin D, zinc, or magnesium. Once you’ve established what lifestyle and diet tweaks you should make to take your hair quality to the next level, try the following holistic tricks to speed up your quest for a shiny, Wow-inspiring mane.


Switch to holistic hair care products

Many world-famous hair care brands advertise their products as organic, but the ingredients on their product labels don’t always run true to the all-natural form. In contrast, holistic hair care is structured around 100% chemical-free, environmentally safe ingredients which provide optimal nourishment for hair and scalp.

The principle holistic hair care industry relies on is pretty simple: if a product is safe enough to be eaten, it’s safe enough to be used on tresses as well, as it won’t contribute to the onset or aggravation of health problems once absorbed.


Give your hair an all-inclusive detox

Switching to a natural personal care brand such as Dr Hauschka will be a good starting point for the transition to holistic hair treatments. If you want to make your mane truly shine, treat it to a full detox using Bentonite clay or another natural cleanser such as baking soda or apple cider vinegar.

The deep hair clean will promote absorption of nutrients from holistic masks and conditioners, and it’ll also restore shape, sparkle, and volume to worn and lifeless tresses.


Nourishment to patch up lock wear

Holistic hair nourishment is centered on natural nutrient sources, such as shea butter, argan oil, and aloe vera. By switching to non-GMO, parabens- and gluten-free shampoos and conditioners, you’ll counter frizzy hair and achieve a lasting hair quality improvement as your locks won’t be at risk of damage caused by commercial hair care products which often contain hazardous chemicals and additives.

After all, if you’re going to feed your locks, you may well do it the right – that is, natural – way.


Feed your locks from the inside out

Wow-worthy hair is made from equal parts internal and external nourishment. For this reason, it may be a wise idea to check your diet for nutrient deficiencies and take steps to patch them up. For a start, you can increase intake of foods rich in healthy fats such as avocados, pumpkin seed, coconut oil, and walnuts, and add second helpings of foods rich in protein and Vitamin A, B, and C to your plate to promote collagen production. Other hair-friendly foods that deserve a place on your carte du jour include green tea, broccoli, soy, beans, quinoa, and nuts.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time and cash for weekly visits to the hair stylist, achieving healthy hair doesn’t have to be a mission impossible. If you make the switch to holistic hair care, you’ll improve the shape of your locks and scalp and do your overall health a favor. Ready, steady, go and help your tresses shine a holistic light in the hairstyle of your dreams!

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