How to Keep Yourself Happy During Menopause with Lack of Libido

Guest post contributed by Brian Adam

Menopause is a transition all women go through, being accompanied by a number of significant changes. With the menstrual cycles coming to an end and the hormone levels fluctuating, it’s no wonder that one begins to suffer from hot flashes, experience mood swings and, probably for the first time in life, to deal with the low sex drive. However, before you despair, you should know that there are several measures you can take, in order to go through menopause and still maintain your happiness. Let us find out how to get over the menopause blues.

#1 Keep the lines of communication open with your husband

Your husband will see you going through menopause from up close. While he might find a way to deal with the hot flashes and mood swings, not the same thing can be said about your low sex drive. If you begin to shut him out all of a sudden, he might feel rejected and respond in a negative manner. For this reason, the most important thing is that you communicate in an open manner, with regard to the changes you are going through.

Do not isolate yourself but, rather, try to find a way to communicate what you are feeling to your partner. At first, this might seem difficult but, with the passing of time, this will actually bring you closer together. Moreover, you should go to the doctor together and discuss the changes you are going through. Ask about the different measures you might take, in order to enhance your sex drive, as this is a very important matter to take into consideration as well.

#2 Allow your husband to provide the necessary comfort

During menopause and especially because of the mood swings, you might find yourself to be angry or displeased all the time. In such situations, the first obvious solution would be to isolate yourself from all others, your husband in particular. Unfortunately, this is also one of the biggest mistakes that you can make, as it will cause a lot of damage to your relationship. Even if you are going through menopause, he still deserves respect and the opportunity to be close to you.

Many men are nurturers by nature. They will want to comfort their wives, especially when going through such a difficult period, as menopause is. So, allow your husband to provide the necessary comfort and talk about the changes you are going through. Try to identify the causes of low stamina, finding ways to raise your energy levels. Together with your husband, try to find new activities to become involved in, so that you do not feel pressured to engage in sexual intercourse all the time. Breathe and take things step by step, as eventually, everything will fall in the right place.

#3 Patience should be a mutual thing

While going through menopause is something that you can make you feel anything but comfortable, you have to understand that your husband is going through a transition period. He is adjusting to the new you, trying to find ways to understand what you are going through. Do not reject his role in the matter and learn how to be patient with him, as he is with you. Mutual patience can ensure that you will go through menopause and come out happy and prepared for the new stage of your life.

You cannot be selfish and expect for your relationship to stay the same. Instead, by being patient with each other, you will both find the happiness and comfort that you need. Talk about menopause, the changes that have appeared and seek out solutions to go over them, in an efficient manner. This, of course, includes the sexual intercourse. Do not deny the importance of such discussions, as they can make the difference between being miserable and feeling at peace with yourself.

#4 Be prepared

While this might sound like the obvious thing to do, you need to research menopause and everything that it entails. Visit your doctor, read books on the subject and check out Internet articles. Involve your husband in the research as well, so that you are both prepared for the changes about to come. Look at the transition as a project, one that you have to complete successfully. Reading up ahead will help you feel prepared and in control, with a reduced chance of everything going up in flames.

Being prepared can involve a number of things, including seeking out solutions for dealing with the changes that will occur. You can turn to physical exercise, meditation, and even religion. What matters is that you find a way to concentrate your energy on other things, increasing your overall stamina and identifying healthy ways of maintaining the same close relationship with your husband.

As it was mentioned at the beginning of the article, menopause is something that all women go through too. However, it matters how you actually go through the transition process. Follow the recommendations included in this article, in order to keep yourself happy and manage to successfully overcome the low sex drive issue.


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