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We spend a lot of time in our offices and at our desks, that’s just a fact. That’s why there’s a trend all over the world for people to enrich their work environment with their own custom accessories which will help them feel more relaxed and hopefully be more productive.

Some of these things are meant to directly help productivity, whereas others are there to personalize and humanize the workplace. As for me, I’ve got an assortment of Lego and similar figurines all over my desk.

Dual Screen Holders

If you work at your computer, you know how hard it can be to fit all the data you need on a single screen. More and more people work on two or more screens. However, fitting these on a desk can be difficult or even downright impossible.

However, human ingenuity can do wonders, so we came up with specialized holders called ‘arms’ which can hold two or more screens so that they don’t take up space on the desk itself.  

Cable Clips

This one is also for computer workers. We all have to deal with a bunch of cables all day. There’s your power cable, the external screen cable, possibly your headphones, and that’s just the bare minimum. If you work with external accessories like printers, plotters or similar devices, the number of cables can multiply really fast. Keeping track of all those cables is exhausting at best and downright impossible when they get tangled.

Fortunately, there’s an easy and cheap solution. Cable clips or some other similar cable management method can really make your life easier. Just direct the cables through these small holders and they will never get tangled. Furthermore, if you happen to kick one of them, these accessories will serve to absorb some of the energy, preventing your expensive devices from falling from your desk.

Wireless Key Finder

This is not exclusively useful for the office because forgetful people leave their keys and other small property all the time and have problems finding them. Simply use the keychain which has a detector on it and whenever you cannot find your keys, simply look for them electronically.

Hand Rests

Sitting at a computer all day means that your hands and arms are in a somewhat unnatural position for the majority of the day, pressed against the hard desk, supporting a lot of your upper body weight. That can lead to chronic pain over time, so there’s a fairly good solution for this problem.

Soft hand rests serve to ease some of the pressure your hands are subjected to over the duration of the workday. There are hand rests which are designed for the use of a keyboard and those which are suited for a mouse. Whatever your primary tool at the office is, you can help your hands and arms.

Desk Organizers

Offices which use a lot of paper are becoming more and rarer, some due to cost, others because they are environmentally aware. However, if your office still uses paper, you will need all the little accessories which come with that.

Most importantly, a stapler, scissors, and tape. There are many desk organizers or reception desk options which incorporate all of these things into a single device. Not only is it handy to have everything in one place, it is also space-conserving, which is always a plus. Besides, there are so many options in terms of decoration that you are sure to find one you will like.

Being satisfied and productive at work are the main goals of a modern worker. Make sure that your surroundings are optimized to your linking as the first step towards your personal goal.

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  1. Setting up my desk right now and found this. I now have a checklist on the supplies and accessories I need to prepare that I might need anytime in the future. My desk mat from is also an awesome addition to this list.

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