What Foods To Eat and Avoid When You Have Piles

An Introduction to Piles

Piles are a collection of tissues and veins that become inflamed and swollen, also known as hemorrhoids. The main cause of Piles has to do with excessive straining, diarrhea, or constipation. Some symptoms of piles include a large lump around the anus and blood during bowel movements. Other symptoms can include redness and itchiness around the afflicted area as well as pain when passing bowel movements. That is why hemorrhoids treatment is important.


For these reasons, diet places a huge factor in treatment. A great thing to eat for treatment includes high fiber foods such as wheat bran, shredded wheat, barley, pears, apples, and corn. Foods high in fiber are really effective because they reduce the number of times feces stay in the colon, and they increase the water around the colon, allowing for easier passage and it lowers pH levels in the colon. A variety of beans, fruits, and vegetables can also help with piles. However, they are not the only options in treating piles. There are over-the-counter supplements that can help in treating piles as well.

Over the Counter Treatments

There are some great vitamins and supplements to treat piles, and if you want to use fiber in supplement form, it is essential to only use soluble fiber. Metamucil is a great brand that softens the stool and allows for easier passage. Some other supplements that reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of piles are Flavonoids, Sephora Flower and Tannins. All are derived from plants and have anti-inflammatory properties. Some vitamins that are essential to treatment and prevention are Topical Vitamin E and Magnesium. Topical Vitamin E helps reduce inflammation and Magnesium helps soften stool for smoother bowel movements.

Supplements not yet approved 

Curcumin is a yellow chemical produced by plants of the Curcuma Longa Series. It is a natural inflammatory and could possibly help with piles. It is not approved by the FDA currently as there are many side effects of the product. Some side effects can include poor absorption, increasing the use of blood thinners, and upsetting the stomach.

Preventative measures

Not only is it important to eat foods to prevent piles, but it is also important to avoid certain foods. Too many starches, dairy, frozen, and preserved foods can cause stomach issues and should be avoided. The same may result from an excessive number of spicy foods, caffeinated drinks, and alcohol. It is necessary to cut back on these products to prevent piles.


In conclusion, piles can be a serious issue, but it is treatable with a healthy diet. A diet is high in fiber and full of beans, fruits, and vegetables. Vitamins and supplements can also help with piles in managing or preventing it. Vitamin- E, as well as magnesium, are some great vitamins to help in the reduction and prevention of piles. Some supplements that can additionally help are Flavanoids, Sephora Flower, and Tannins. There are other supplements that are not yet FDA-approved that have anti-inflammatory properties that may also help. To have an effective diet it is essentially important to avoid foods that may also upset the stomach such as starches, dairy, frozen and preserved foods, spicy foods, caffeinated drinks, and alcohol. A well-rounded diet can lead to the reduction and prevention of piles.


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