How To Take Care Of Colored Hair

So, you’ve colored your hair recently & you want it to last long. Although you invest a good amount of time and money at hair salons to get perfectly colored hair, it does not ensure lifetime endurance of the color. You need to take extra care of it to make sure it never fades away or wears off. Regardless of whether you have brown, black, or blonde hair, it is important to have a strict hair care regimen in order to maintain your lovely locks & retain the beautiful color of your hair.

Give It A 3 Day Gap

Whenever you color your hair, the cuticle layer of your opens up, allowing colors to easily penetrate into the hair shaft.  So, when you wash your hair right after appointments, the layer of cuticle could open up easily & lead to colors being washed down the drain. That’s why we recommend that you take 3 days before shampooing your tresses post-color. The more time you allow the pigments to soak inside cuticles, the longer the color will last on your hair.

Use Sulphate Free Conditioner & Shampoo

Sodium laureth is a kind of detergent often found in personal products. This helps produce a powerful foaming effect in both your conditioners & shampoos. By simply using sulfates, you will end up stripping your hair of all the moisture & natural oils, which could remove all color-treated hair. Always try using a sulfate-free conditioner & shampoo to prevent your hair color from fading.

Use Dye For Conditioners

If you are wearing a bright color like purple, pink, or golden brown hair color, or blue, make sure to add some dye to your conditioner when you are washing your hair. Celebrity Michael Duefinas has also said that color-depositing conditioners do wonders in keeping hair pretty & vibrant. This could re-dye your hair slightly every time you wash your hair in order to look fresh. 

Avoid Washing Hair Daily

We’d advise you to not wash your hair daily if you want the colors to last longer. Washing your hair daily will steal all the natural oils, leaving your hair looking dry & lifeless. That’s why experts recommend that you should wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Avoid washing your hair any more than that, unless you are exercising every single day. If your hair color fades quickly, but the color of your hair is greasy & oily, you will have to wash as often as possible using conditioner & shampoo.

Use A Protein Mask

A lot of us don’t usually go for hair masks, but it’s important that we make it a habit. Using a proper protein mask will moisturize the hair & repair roughness or damaged parts of your hair. You could do the same for yourself by simply whisking the egg with two spoons of mayonnaise in a bowl. Apply it on the hair, from the tips to the roots, let it stay for 15 minutes & then wash off with shampoo & cold water.


Apart from following these tips, make sure to trim your hair once a month so that your hair looks fresh & rejuvenated all year.

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