5 Must know Tips for Eye Allergy Sufferers

Contributed by Juliet

Eye allergies are one of the worst conditions one goes through. Swollen, itchy, red, watery eyes, who wants them? However, eye allergy can be caused by many reasons. It occurs when our eyes come in contact with allergens and our immune system overreacts to them. If you suffer from eye allergies frequently, the following article will provide some self-help tips to cure and prevent eye allergies.

 Prevention Is Better Than Cure:

An ounce of prevention is equal to a pound of cure. Eye allergies can be caused by numerous reasons. Therefore, we suggest you find triggers causing you eye allergy and avoid them. However, do you know spring season bring pollens with it? What are pollens? Pollens are allergens that may cause redness and swelling of your eyes when coming in contact. Therefore, avoid going out when the pollen count is high. Or if going out try to wear wrap-around sunglasses that will protect your eyes and try to change your clothes and shoes when you reach home. Other than this dust, pet dander and mold spore can also cause allergies to your eyes. Use an air filter to avoid these triggers.


Avoid Contacts:

Wearing contacts can also cause eye allergies. Every time you take them out of their case, dust, and bacteria inherent in them and are transferred to your eye. Similarly, using same contacts for a long time can also cause allergy to your eyes. So in such situation, we suggest you to try wearing disposable contacts and rinse your contacts properly before and after wearing it each time to flush any bacteria or dust particles out of them.

Home Treatments:

If you are suffering from eye allergy you can use an ice cube to cool your eyes. This will help in reducing swelling and redness too. Green tea bags also work perfectly in reducing allergies because they have anti-inflammatory properties. It also aids in reducing eye baggage and under eye circles. However, refrigerated cucumber slices can be used for the same purpose. Other than this try to keep your home clean.

Eye Makeup:

At times eye allergy comes in way of your makeup obsession and you have to compromise by going makeup-less.  But not anymore because many brands have introduced eye makeup products considering clients who suffer from eye allergies. Other than this, invest in a good eye makeup remover because sleeping with makeup on can cause you eye allergy.

Flush Your Eyes:

Last but not the least, another way to cure eye allergy is to use no-prescribe over the counter artificial tear drops. These drops flush airborne allergens and soothe your itchy eyes. Try to pick eye drops labeled as Allegra and Zyrtec, use them as directed.

Try these tips and you will notice the difference. In case it does not work seek for an eye specialist to help you.

Author Bio:

Juliet is a beauty blogger who loves trying out new makeup and beauty products.  She loves coffee and sushi, and in her free time, she likes listening to pop music. Juliet believes in having gratitude for everything in life. Read her latest posts at ThankYourBeauty.com


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