Allow the PetSafe Six Meal Feeder to Feed Your Pets While Traveling During the Holidays

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It’s almost Christmas. Do you have plans to travel or visit with friends and family overnight? Are you concerned about who will feed your pets while you’re away? There is no need to worry about it with the Six Meal Feeder by PetSafe.

The Six Meal Feeder is a  great feeding system for pets living indoors or outside. It provides flexibility and reduces pet stress by feeding meals on schedule, even when you’re are away from home for a weekend or tied up with other plans.

The battery-powered Six Meal Feeder automatically feeds pets one to six customized meals a day, each up to one cup of dry or semi-moist cat or dog food. It was designed with prying paws in mind. The Six Meal Feeder has a unique dispenser that rotates and drops the dog or cat food into a bowl while keeping pets from stealing future meals.

The clear locking lid feature keeps the food fresh and secure, allowing you to quickly see how many meals are left.
When schedules change, you may feed the next scheduled meal anytime by pushing the “Feed Now” button and the Sleep Mode temporarily suspends meals without losing programmed meal times.

The Six Meal Feeder is quick and easy to set up with a built-in digital clock and LCD display. The bowl and tray are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It is ideal for cats and small to medium sized dogs.

My Thoughts

Our cat was very curious when we put the Six Meal Feeder out. She rubbed against my legs as I filled it with her favorite cat food. Then, she had to go investigate of course. It amused me when she chose it over her old feeding bowl that sat right beside it. She has her preferences I guess! 

The overall convenience of this product sells itself, not including all of the special features. The clear lid locking lid is a simple yet very helpful feature. We use our feeder on a daily basis. It’s nice to take a quick peek to see how many feedings are left and did I mention that it keeps the food fresher longer? PetSafe continues to impress me with their practical, yet useful products. 

The Six Meal Feeder is PetSafe’s second automatic pet feeder to launch this fall. The Smart Feed, PetSafe’s first Wi-Fi enabled automatic pet feeder, which is controlled by an app on an iPhone or Android smartphone, was launched in October.

Pick up your Six Meal Feeder today and rest assured that your pet is eating an accurately measured meal on schedule while you’re away. Find the Six Meal Feeder at and on Amazon with 2 day Prime shipping. It would make a great gift for pet lovers everywhere!

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