The Latest Hair Trends For Winter


When it comes to hairstyles, you want to look our best and be in style at the same time. To do this, you must keep up with the latest in hair trends. Now that Winter 2017 is upon us, many of us may be standing in front of the mirror asking “What should I do with my hair this season?” Many of us may also be stuck with a style that we have been wearing for years. Before you give up and go the route of the dependable ponytail, read up on these four hair trends that are in style for the season.

Natural, Gently Tousled Hair

Hair doesn’t have to be perfectly styled to look good. With a natural, gently tousled style that looks like you just rolled out of bed, you’ll be wearing one of the latest trends. It is an easy style to achieve and it looks great on anyone. To create this style, you can put damp hair in a bun or a ponytail until it dries. Afterward, let it loose and style it with your fingers. Or apply your favorite professional hair products and rough dry it with your blow dryer. Either way, this style is low-maintenance and easy. It works for all hair types and lengths.


The “Flat Wave”

The flat wave is all the hype this season. Best of all, it is easy to create. After your hair is dry, comb through it so it is smooth. Apply a texturizing or volumizing spray. Use your hair straightener to create flat, bent waves. You can personalize this style with your favorite hair accessories, such as a cute headband. This style has just the right amount of movement and body. Don’t try to make this style look perfect. A slightly messy look adds to the allure.


The “Loose Braid”

This loosely braided style is yet another that is easy to create, looks great, and is low-maintenance. When hair is dry, use a large-barrelled curling iron to curl the hair, or use the above technique to create a flat wave. Spray it with a texturizing spray. Afterwards, create separation by running your fingers through the length of your hair. Next, part it either in the middle or on the side. Without using a brush or comb, gently pull hair back to the nape of the neck and create a loose braid, securing with an elastic band or another accessory. Pull out some pieces around your face to soften the look, and finish with a light mist of hairspray. This style is romantic and sweet and can be worn casually or with a dressier look.


A Chic Bob

The bob is a style that anyone can pull off, and it is in high demand for Winter 2017. This style is perfect for someone busy, as it is a wash and wear look. It doesn’t have to be straight and sleek this season. Feel free to have fun with the style and create your own unique, personalized look. You can have a short bob or a longer bob. This style can have minimal layers or many layers. With a chic, modern bob hairstyle, anything goes. This season, the look will feature a slightly shorter back and longer sides with texture and movement. No matter how you choose to style your bob haircut, you’ll be right on point for the season.



Styles come and go every season, and Winter 2017 is no exception. As described above, this season is not about styles that fall perfectly into place. A good way to envision the hair trends is “perfectly undone”. No matter your chosen style, don’t be afraid to let a few pieces come loose or go out of place. Have fun with texture and volume, and don’t worry if your hair looks slightly messy. Tousled, undone looks are what Winter 2017 is all about.


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