Flawless Fingers: 3 Stylish New Nail Trends That Are Perfect For Summer

Even if you work in a factory or at a job where the fingers are used on a regular basis, you can have beautiful nails that are stylish for the summer. The summer months are a time of year when you want to showcase brighter colors on the fingers and the toes as you’ll be wearing shirts with shorter sleeves, sandals and flip-flops. There are a few trends that are ideal for summer as they showcase the personality that you have and a look that you want others to see for the new season.

Keeping It Short

If you work in an office or in an environment where you have to keep your nails shorter, then you’ll be pleased to know that short and round is a trend for the summer. Shorter nails are easier to maintain, but you can still have the colors and designs that you want. They are cute and sophisticated. A benefit of shorter nails is that you don’t have to worry as much about scratching anything or the nails breaking as they would if they were longer. Bare nails with a bit of color and a short design will be a popular trend.


Adding Dimension

No matter what length you like, 3D effects will be the talk of the town over the summer. This isn’t a new trend, but it’s one that is picking up in popularity. There are gel nail kits that professionals use that have all of the supplies for making anything from flowers to sand castles on the nails to display the things that you enjoy for the season. Some of the top ideas for 3D effects include jewels, fuzz and beads. The decorations are on a smaller scale than you might see with makeup or clothing, but you can easily match the nails to an ensemble or a vacation destination you’re traveling to in the summer season.


Top Nails

Cover the base of the nail with a neutral color, like white or beige. Then, add a brighter color on the top that will stand out. The effect is one that gives stunning details to the nails with only a bit of added color instead of designs. A small amount of the base color should show under the predominant color on top. You could also do a darker base with a light color, like white, for a pedicure effect.


The nails can be a tricky thing to get just right. You need to keep the length at one that is suitable for working and taking care of chores around the home. When you begin to add colors and special effects, it’s sometimes best to use professional materials, like those at Gel-Nails, and people who can deliver the results that you want.

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