How to Turn Your Summer Party into a True Southern Barbeque

Guest post contributed by Hannah Whittenly

The sounds of children playing in the yard and the aroma of ribs on the grill are only some of the things that make up the ideal southern barbecue. Before your family and friends arrive, you want to create a menu and plan your decorations to give a southern flair to your event. Fortunately, the organization process is a bit easier with a few tips that you can follow.

Fun and Games

When people attend a southern barbecue, they want to be entertained. From music with a country swing to wheelbarrow races with partners, keep the fun going throughout the party. Offer a few team events so that guests can show off their skills, offering prizes to the winners. No southern barbecue is complete without some kind of eating contest, such as a pie eating contest.

All About The Meats

A typical barbecue consists of hamburgers and hot dogs, but a southern barbecue features a bit more in the way of sustenance. You’ll want to get a smoker, such as those at Eastgate Pools, for the items that you prepare, such as baby back ribs, large slabs of pork that can be turned into chopped BBQ for sandwiches or thick steaks that are juicy and tender. Side dishes can include baked beans, potato salad, slaw, and watermelon. Your guests can help with the menu by bringing side dishes while you prepare the meat.

Decorating Design Options

Red and white plaid is an ideal design for a southern barbecue. Use the pattern on tables that are set up in the backyard. Top each table with small haystacks that are wrapped with a red or white bow. Avoid balloons as this gets more into party decorations that you might see at a birthday. Place hay bales around the perimeter of the yard with flowers sitting on top of them. If the party will linger into the evening, then consider stringing lights from one tree to another as a way to brighten up the event.

Sweet Treats

End your barbecue with a few sweet treats that will make any mouth water. Banana pudding with whipped cream on top is a staple in some parts of the south. You also want to have a few pies, such as apple and cherry. Don’t forget the ice cream as this will be a cool topper for the pies.

Your backyard will be the envy of the neighborhood with a few design ideas for a southern barbecue. Avoid the glitz and glamour of typical parties as this event is a bit more rustic. Gather your friends, music, and games for a toe-tapping good time during the summer.

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