How to Get Radiant Skin with Korean Beauty Routine

Western and Eastern beauty philosophy and standards have been always very different, but in the last years Westerners have started to see how practical and beneficial Korean beauty routine can be. Now cosmetic companies base their products on Eastern recipes and women and men around the world have taken up Asian beauty rituals and incorporated them in their daily life.

Here are some of the most common Korean practices for fresh and healthy skin.

Brush it out

Many Korean women brush their face and body. A soft bristle brush removes dead skin cells, helps circulation and prepares the skin for lotions and creams. This Korean practice has many benefits and it just feels so good.

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Getting a high quality brush is not a big investment but the results are amazing. Try it yourself.

Watch out for the sun

Koreans know that the sun isn’t your skin’s friend. Women are often seen carrying umbrellas or big hats for sun protection, and all that while having sunscreen on. You don’t have to necessarily go that far, but sun protection is the key to healthy and youthful skin. The sun is responsible for premature aging, pigmentation and skin cancer, so don’t hold back on sunscreen. Even when the sun is not as strong as in summer, a bit of SPF is never a bad thing.

Asian women usually list sun protection as one of the most important beauty routines, so don’t skip this advice.

Cut down on meat and dairy

An average Korean eats little dairy and meat. Their diet is full of plant-based proteins, especially those based on soy, like miso, tofu and soy sauce.

Another thing is an abundance of fruit. Koreans rarely eat dairy-packed desserts, like ice-cream or pudding, but have a colorful plate of fresh fruit instead. Fruit is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and good sugars; so, next time you have dinner, pick up some fresh fruit at the local market first. You will do your whole body a huge favor, because if you’re healthy on the inside, you’ll look healthy from the outside.

Facial masks

Korean facial masks have become a real hit in the world. Usually, they use so-called tissue or sheet masks that you simply unfold and apply to your face. They are a great form of relaxation both for the skin and the mind. They contain many vitamins and anti-aging ingredients that hydrate your skin for 24 hours.

Another ingredient Koreans use for facial masks is matcha. Matcha is powdered green tea that is known as one of the best antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances.

Today, there are many brands whose beauty philosophy is similar to Eastern one and you can buy hydrating and vitamin-filled cosmetics online and have it shipped directly to your home. Have facials a couple of times a week and the results will blow you away.  

Green tea to the rescue

Asian countries are known for their tea consumption, which brings many benefits. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and it works wonders with your metabolism, too. Preparing and drinking tea is an important ceremony in Asian culture and it can become your morning ritual as well.

Coffee for exfoliation

In some Asian countries, coffee is used for exfoliation because of its anti-inflammatory properties, but it also helps collagen production and tightens skin. Coffee is an easy way to start caring for your skin like Asians do and embrace natural beauty products. It’s cheap, easy to find and smells amazing. Tomorrow, instead into your cup, put coffee on your face.

Incorporate these pieces of advice in your beauty routine and you’ll see why Korean women do it. Most of these tips only take a little time and effort, but that’s all it takes to look your best self.  

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