5 Tips for Eyeliner Tight Lining for Beginners

Contributed by Chelsea

Remember peeps your eyes play the most important role in attracting someone towards you. The bigger brighter and more beautiful your eyes look, the more attention is drawn to you. If your eyes are not attractive to you, try adopting these simple tricks to achieve your goal. One of the simplest and quickest ways is using make-up. By using right product and right technique you can easily change your impression.

Know The Best Eyeliner For This Purpose:

If you are a beginner let me introduce you to the world of eyeliner. There are three categories of eyeliner available on the market. The first category is gel eyeliner; they are thick in consistency and applied with the help of a brush. This requires pro makeup skills to apply it perfectly. Then comes the liquid eyeliner which is the most advanced category of eyeliners. These two liners are less forgiving as compared to pencil liners which work perfectly for tight lining your eyes.

Readying Your Equipment:

Tight lining requires equipment to be used a close to your eyeballs. Therefore, before starting tight lining your waterline always sharp your liner pencil to clean its tip that may contain any bacteria. In addition to this sharpening equipment will help you achieve précised results. While on the other hand, you can go for plastic twist-up pencil liners. Also, try to pick waterproof liner to avoid duplication on lower waterline.

 Deciding Between Colors:

Just like different eyeshadow colors are used to achieve different looks. Similarly, you can make choices between eyeliner colors to achieve different looks. Grey and brown shades are ideal for a beginner because they are more forgiving if you mess-up and works perfectly. Although using black creates intensifying illusion for your eyelashes. Whereas nudes can be used to achieve wide looking eyes.

Start Applying:

Once you are familiar with above tips it’s time to give it a try. Place your elbow on your dressing table to give it a support. Now place your pinky on your cheeks, using a Q-tip brush or use your finger to slightly lift your eyelid. You can see your waterline and spaces between the lashes. You need to fill that. Start applying liner from outer corner towards the inner corner of your eye. Ideally, you are done but if you want the color to be intensified, repeat the process 2-3 times.  

One additional tip is to curl your lashes and you are ready to go.

Final Touch:

If you messed up a little and you have your liner on your lids too. Do not panic! Just take a cotton swab, dip it into a makeup remover and carefully erase your mistakes using its tip as an eraser. Or you can simply apply concealer to hide your mistakes.

Author Bio:

Chelsea is a makeup lover who is best at reviewing the latest makeup available online. She covers everything from eye makeup, primers, and foundation to tips and tutorials on how to use many different beauty products. She regularly blogs at MakeupbyChelsea.com


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