Making the Most of Moving Day: 5 Tips to Help You Get Through It

Moving is a huge chore, and if you have children, then it is more complicated. Not only do you need to have a concern about a child incurring an injury during the difficult moving process, but also, children have a lot of items that require specialized packing. Here are five tips for ensuring that you have a smooth moving day.

Get Rid of Excess Clutter

When you are moving, consider it an opportunity to get rid of excess clutter. Make sure to sort through your current home’s cupboards, closets and drawers to find clothing that no longer fits or items that are beyond repair. You can have a garage sale to sell unwanted things, or you can give items away to charitable organizations to get a deduction on your taxes.

Place Similar Items Together

To make the packing process simpler, place similar household goods, toys or clothing together. If you pack all of your cookware or children’s bedding in a labeled box, then you can find the items needed for preparing a meal and having a place for your children to sleep as soon as possible. This type of organization leads to a moving day that is less stressful.

Use the Right Type of Packing Container

Make sure to use the right type of packing container for your possessions. If you use large cardboard boxes for heavy items, then it is difficult to move the containers, and the bottom of the box is likely to break. When you are packing breakables such as glassware or figurines, make sure to wrap the items in tissue paper and insert cardboard dividers between the items.

Use a Babysitter on Moving Day

Moving day is a hectic time, so make sure to have a babysitter for your children. In addition, take your pets to a boarding facility. The moving process is faster and safer without having your children underfoot, and they aren’t in any dangers from problems such as falling boxes.

Hire Professional Movers

You might think that moving on your own is an easy process, but you need a lot of specialized equipment to lift and stack boxes. If you aren’t accustomed to lifting numerous boxes, then you risk a back injury while moving on your own. Hiring a professional mover like Redondo Van & Storage or someone similar to help you pack and load boxes on a truck is a better way to have your possessions transported to a new destination.

Have a Special Box for Your First Day

To make the first day after moving easier, make sure to pack a box of items required for cooking a meal or bathing. Some of the items to include in this container will include a shower curtain, towels, soap and dishes. Place this box on the moving van last so that you can unload it as soon as you arrive at your destination.

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