How to Support Organizations in Times of Uncertainty  

In times of uncertainty, where people are unable to control situations unfolding around them, it can be natural to fall into a state of panic, worry, and even grief, as they try to comprehend everything. As such, one area that can be profoundly affected by times of uncertainty is that of local organizations and charities. Being such a solid support system for many in your local area and beyond, when facing a period of difficulty, the worry for organizations is, can they continue to provide the help, support, and resources people rely on them for? Unfortunately, if left to go it alone, not all will be able to. Therefore, support from the local area is vital to the survival of these organizations. Here are five ways that you can do exactly that.  

Volunteer your time

Most not-for-profit organizations are run by volunteers, who are looking to give back to the community and make a difference. Other organizations might utilize nursing staff if they are providing medical supplies, food, or company for those that are unable to leave their homes. The need for volunteers increases exponentially in times of uncertainty due to more people needing vital support and aid. By volunteering your time, you can: 

  • Help distribute resources at a faster pace.
  • Transport essentials to those who need it.
  • Provide enough food for everyone in need.
  • Even relieve nursing staff from their roles, allowing them to use their medical skills elsewhere. 

Set up a monthly donation 

Not everyone has the time to volunteer, and charities and organizations understand this. However, if you really want to show your support, then why not do so through a monthly donation? By setting this up, the ongoing support you provide throughout the entire year will ensure that there are the resources available so that the volunteers can distribute them to those most in need. 

Raise more awareness 

Everyone is aware that not-for-profit organizations exist, but they might not be aware of who they are, why they help, and that they are struggling. Therefore, if you feel passionate about truly showing your support for a charity close to your heart, raise more awareness about this. There are two ways you could go about this:

1. Event

Get your friends and family involved, and hold an event so that people can learn all about the organization and how they can help. The event might even attract the attention of the local newspaper, and this will be a brilliant way to promote what you are doing to help the cause. 

2. Social Media

Alternatively, or as well, you could use social media to your advantage, and spread the awareness further than just your local area. Why not write your own blog post on what people can do and then promote this on your platforms? 

Raise money 

Giving a monthly donation is an excellent way to show your support, but if you feel like you should be doing more, then consider getting more people involved and raising money for the organization. You can raise money through your event, holding a garage sale, or by running a challenge that people donate money for you to partake in. 


If you have the time, spend some of it educating your friends, family, neighbors, and work colleagues on the importance of supporting organizations. It might be that they are unaware of how to support them, that they believe they don’t have time, or that they didn’t know the organization was struggling. Taking the time to educate people could have a chain effect, as they show their support and educate others as well. 


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