How to Get a Celebrity-Inspired Look On a Budget


We all know who sets the trends in the fashion world. While the runways introduce the concept to the world, it is the celebrities who genuinely embrace that concept, customize it, and reveal that personal portrayal for everyone to seek inspiration from. Stars always tend to look glamorous no matter what they are wearing. 

Fame comes with a price tag. Being in the public eye is not always exciting because there is a significant need to look presentable at all times. Everyone has a different meaning of the word presentable. It is pretty much a round-the-clock job for celebrities to look adequately dressed and presentable because they are always in the limelight. After all, the media never fails to find a way to capitalize on anything related to a celebrity. 

When fashion is involved, the stakes get even higher because now there is absolutely no chance to look away. Life isn’t perfect, but your style can be! Here are some tips on achieving the A-list celebrity looks with your style in question and at price points that are comfortable to your pocket.

Seek inspiration and find your style

Finding your style is not an easy task. To understand your style aesthetic, you should know what looks good on you. Have you ever looked at a skirt or a jacket and thought that this is so you?

Why is style so important, you ask? Style exceeds the boundaries of merely making a lasting impression on others. It is all about feeling confident and comfortable in what you wear.

The journey towards style discovery involves seeking inspiration from those you idolize. We all have favorite celebrities whose style vibes with ours. Whether it is Audrey Hepburn’s timeless and classic black dress, pearls, and pumps, or Gigi Hadid’s relaxed rocker chic look with a trendy leather jacket, distressed types of denim, and sneakers; every celebrity’s style aesthetic exudes a different aura.

Your fashion sense speaks volumes about your taste as well as your personality. Seeking fashion inspiration from different resources is an excellent way to help you figure out what you are inclined towards.

Invest in one or more designer pieces

Celebrities love luxury. High street labels are all-time favorites. Most celebrity ensembles comprise at least one designer piece. Whether it is a Gucci bag, a pair of Chanel earrings, Louboutin pumps, or a Louis Vuitton bag, a luxury item can elevate your basic look to a banging head-turner in a heartbeat.

Now, luxury items are expensive. If you are on a budget, you really cannot spend all your savings on a Hermes bag. In such cases, think wisely. Do not worry about spending too much money on clothes.

If you are looking to dress like a celebrity while staying on a budget, we highly recommend investing in luxury accessories. Items like a Chanel brooch, a Louis Vuitton wallet, or a pair of Cartier earrings are the best way to transform your whole look and look luxe on a budget.

Designer accessories are like the seal of approval, and they are not as pricey as any clothing item. You are getting the look and saving money, too; it is a win-win situation. They are worthy investments that never go out of style.

Buy high-quality basic staples

Most of us believe that investing in essential everyday items is not the wisest decision. In reality, high-quality essential items are an excellent way to embody the celebrity style aesthetic. 

Everyday staples form the foundation of your ensemble. Versatile, effortless, and reliable; you pull them out every day and pair them with anything and everything. To ensure that you look prim and proper, it is always wise to invest in high-quality everyday wear items. Yes, the $5 steal on tees is attractive, but know that those tees will wear out in a few uses. 

A good quality t-shirt, on the other hand, always looks crisp, clean, and is made of 100% cotton guaranteeing comfort and durability. Instead of buying more in less, buy less in more. You will not regret it in the long run. 

If you are searching for good quality affordable basics, look into labels like Topshop, ASOS Hollister, Skin Outfit, Old Navy, ZARA, and more. 

Keep yourself well-groomed

If you notice celebrities’ photos taken by the paparazzi, they are almost always very well-groomed. Be it their hair, their nails, or their outfits; they always look well put together. Along with grooming, personal hygiene is also crucial. While grooming may seem like a visible detail, you would be surprised to learn about the number of people who miss this seemingly insignificant detail. 

Make sure that your hair is not a sloppy mess when you head out. Your outfit should always be proper and cohesive. Make it a point to put on deodorant and perfume. Put on some makeup. Your goal is to look presentable such that if you were to run into an acquaintance while running errands, you would not be hiding away from them. 

Dress according to your body proportions

Understand your physique and match your clothing to your body type. The key is to balance your proportions. You should highlight the parts that you admire and downplay those that make you feel less confident. 

To strike the perfect balance, introduce opposing themes in an outfit that cancels each other out. Draw focus to your upper body and tone down your lower body if you are curvy pear-shaped beauty. It is a game of attraction and distraction, after all.

In addition to wearing clothes per your physique, it is critical to wear the right fit. Finding the perfect fit can be a struggle. Ill-fitting clothes look like a mess. Mainstream brands make clothes in standard sizes. Sure, they get the job done, but they always lack something. Try to wear the right fit, so your outfit looks proper and articulate. 

Accessories are all it takes

If you wish to make a lasting impression on others, remember that accessories are the easiest way to pull any look together regardless of the kind of look you wish to achieve. Accessories can make or break your look. Think of them as the frosting on top of the cake; it only makes the cake all the more delectable. 

Invest in statement accessories that will help bring your outfit together. Bags, sunglasses, shoes, belts, jewelry, scarves, and more – a woman needs them all to curate the perfect celebrity-inspired ensemble. Shoes can transform your whole look, scarves spark interest, and chunky bracelets make a strong style statement. Our personal favorite is sunglasses because they are so essential to nail a celebrity-inspired look. Looking good for less can include finding just the right accessory.


Perhaps an essential piece of style advice that you can take from this is to feel confident in anything that you wear. Celebrities exude confidence, poise, and elegance. Insecurities make us feel discontent with ourselves. You must learn to own them and flaunt them instead of letting them consume you.

While the tips and tricks do help, the most critical thing to remember when it comes to styling is to stay true to yourself. Be authentic, and learn to trust your instincts. If it feels right, go ahead with it. Do not let anything stop your creative process.

Your style is a reflection of you. Seek inspiration from your idols, but embrace your style for what it is and flaunt it. 


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