Add a Little Elegance: 5 Areas in Your Home That Could Use Some Marble

There’s a lot that goes into the interior design of a home. It takes a lot of planning and research. If you want to pull it off, you need an artistic vision and good understanding of the building materials and home décor. With that knowledge, you can give each room of your home a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. One material that can certainly help you accomplish that in many different rooms is marble. Its aesthetic elegance and solid consistency is fantastic for many different uses throughout a house.


A marble countertop is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Even polished, it has a natural beauty that can’t be denied. The striation of the stone will also make you kitchen absolutely unique. Additionally, in some areas, it’s even cheaper than alternatives. While marble is durable, be aware that it is more porous than granite or quartz so it’s more likely to get stains or scratches as you work. That said, there are several ways to remove those marks once they’ve been made.


If you want to protect your bathroom, you need to choose building elements that can stand up to the moisture. Choices like wallpaper should be avoided. Instead, you can use marble tiles for both the floor and the walls. The light marble will give your bathroom a cleaner and more open feel.

For a little added protection, add a sealant over the top of the marble. This will keep your marble looking new for longer. Many baths and showers also use marble, though that can require some extra maintenance.


The entryway to your home can also be taken up a notch with the use of some marble. The entryway and even the threshold can be composed of marble. These are some of the most trafficked parts of a home. Though the marble floors can become scratched over time, they polish easily, so that your foyer will look sparkling new for years. Adding marble can help protect your flooring while impressing visitors simultaneously.

Dining Room

Carpet in a dining room can present serious problems. Food and drink are both likely to end up on the floor. This can quickly ruin the look of new carpet. Attractive marble, though, won’t be damaged by a spill as long as it’s cleaned up. It will stand the test of time. It also creates an elegant dining area for formal dinners and get-togethers.


If you really want to make sure your home has an elegant and upscale look, a sweeping staircase is an absolute must. Many beautiful staircases are made of quality marble. If you are considering installing a grand staircase in your new home, discuss with contractors your options for using marble.

Marble has been used in construction for thousands of years for very good reasons. It’s sturdy and also aesthetically pleasing. If you want to turn your house into a palace, you certainly need to implement marble throughout your home.

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