Winter Weather Wear for Biking

Just because the temps are dropping doesn’t mean you have to put your bike away.

With the summer well behind us and the fall losing its battle with winter, oftentimes we see this time as the signal to put the bikes away and tuck up for another long winter season. That doesn’t have to be the case, as rides can happen just as long as you know how to dress. Here are several tips that will keep you biking all the year-long so when the spring does finally roll around again, you will be on top form.

  1. Layer up your upper body

But not too much as you don’t want to overheat yourself either. But, when you’re riding the wind will increase and you will need to block it as much as you can. The best way to fight the cold is to apply around two or three layers before heading out. A solid base layer will be a thin, long-sleeve moisture-wicking shirt. This will make sure you are kept dry. Second, a vest or regular cycling jersey will keep your chest well protected from the wind. Finally, a good cycling jacket that will keep the elements off you as you ride. A solid jacket will be waterproof and will have a thicker front panel to ensure the wind won’t slow you down.

  1. Tights: Not just for the ballet

A good pair of cycling tights will be your best friend this winter. If you already have a pair of favorite cycling shorts then you can look into a standard pair of tights that don’t have the cushioned seat. They will simply slip over your shorts. Otherwise, you can buy a pair of tights that come with the cushioned seat. When looking for tights for the winter, make sure they are wind-resistant and water-proof if you wish. If you really want some winter protection, look into fleece-lined tights as they will provide a thin yet solid layer against the wind and rain.

  1. Other necessary gear: gloves, shoe covers, etc.

The final bits of your winter gear are as important as any of the rest as cold fingers and toes can ruin an otherwise great ride. You will want to find a pair of gloves that are warm enough and wind-resistant yet that still allow for proper mobility. Another great addition is to have a pair of shoe covers to protect your feet. Standard cycling shoes are lightweight and offer little protection from the wind and cold, so adding some neoprene over covers can really cut down on the chill. Another, more expensive option is to invest in some true winter shoes that are thicker and offer more padding and insulation.

Finally, it is important to have something to cover your head and ears as you will lose a lot of heat from those areas. These covers can range from a simple scarf to the more advanced moisture-wicking headcovers. Either will work as long as it is thin and comfortable to wear underneath your helmet. You can find all of the best biking gear at Bovem Life. Now that you are armed with these tips, get that bike off its pegs in your garage and hit the streets or trails again!


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