Restaurant Dining with Babies

Parents need to feed the baby first, find baby-friendly restaurants, dine when restaurants are not busy and book ahead when dining out with babies.

Restaurant dining is supposed to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. However, many new parents find eating at restaurants with babies a big hassle. When the baby gets fretful and starts wailing uncontrollably, the whole thing can be very stressful, embarrassing and a complete waste of money. 

Still, it doesn’t hurt to know how to dine at restaurants when the baby is around.  Here are some tips for restaurant dining with babies that every parent should know.

Feed the Baby first before Leaving for the Restaurant

Very young babies are not likely to eat anything at the restaurant. So parents should feed the baby first before leaving for the restaurant. Ideally, arrange the lunch or dinner in between the baby’s feeds. Babies who’ve been fed are likely to sleep through and behave better if they are awake. Bring a pram or a bassinet so that the baby can sleep in it. Pack some milk, baby snacks, and toys to keep the baby occupied in case she is too absorbed by the new surrounding to sleep.

Find Baby-friendly Restaurants

Some restaurants are more baby-friendly than others. So ask around. Get opinions from relatives, friends, mothers’ groups or scour the Internet for eating places that welcome children. It’s always a good idea to choose a relaxed family-type restaurant like where people are enjoying the food and themselves. Baby-friendly restaurants are those with high chairs, wide spaces between tables that allow you to move prams like the ones from Andy Stork around easily, restrooms with a diaper changing table, and staff who are welcoming and helpful.

Dine when Restaurants are not Busy

There is very little point waiting in queues for a table when there is a little baby around. The crowd, the noise and the long wait can bring out the worst in both parents and their babies. Try to dine when restaurants are not busy. There will be fewer people, more space and the restaurant staff will be able to lend more helping hand to parents with babies as they have fewer diners to serve.

Book ahead for Family Sitting when Dining out

It always pays to book ahead for a family sitting when dining out. This assures the family gets a table at a time desired and also gives parents the opportunity to book a high chair or a table with more space in advance. Calling ahead is also crucial if the family needs to dine at a busy time, although it’s best not to.


Having a new baby doesn’t mean parents can’t enjoy dining out once in a while. If parents don’t fancy leaving the baby in the care of a babysitter for a couple of hours while they are out, they can bring the baby along. Just remember some basic restaurant dining with babies tips – feed the baby first before leaving the house, eat only at baby-friendly restaurants, dine when restaurants are not busy and book ahead for a family sitting when dining out.


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