Winter Weather Wear for Biking

Just because the temps are dropping doesn’t mean you have to put your bike away.

With the summer well behind us and the fall losing its battle with winter, oftentimes we see this time as the signal to put the bikes away and tuck up for another long winter season. That doesn’t have to be the case, as rides can happen just as long as you know how to dress. Here are several tips that will keep you biking all the year-long so when the spring does finally roll around again, you will be on top form.

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How To Stay Warm And Safe For Winter Quad Biking

Quad bikes are pretty much made suited and booted for any weather conditions. Even in the most severe winters, you will find that quad bike tough it out to deliver a fun-packed, adrenaline-filled ride.

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So the question is, what are some top tips to get you prepared for wintertime quad biking so you can make the most of it and be fully prepared? If you are planning to spend some time on an ATV in the cooler months, make sure you keep reading to learn some of the most practical and effective tips out there.

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San Francisco Attractions You Can See While Biking

San Francisco is a biker’s Mecca. The city is very accessible by bike and the mild climate makes most days good biking days. You can grab city bikes to tour the Financial District or Valencia Street. Or try electric bicycles to tackle the Marin Headlands. Either way, you’re going to see some amazing scenery.  

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Activities for 2019: 4 Hobbies to Bring You Joy

Hobbies are a great way to shake up your routine and reinvigorate your mind. Even our deepest passions can become mundane when we look to them day-in, day-out. Trying new hobbies this year will give you the opportunity to discover new interests, grow as a person and expand your knowledge. Not sure what you want to try? Leave it to us! Here are four scientifically proven hobbies to make you happier. 

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