How to Promote Your Travel Agency with PowerPoint 

Traveling has become a usual part of everyone’s life. According to a New York Times survey, an average person travels 2–3 times a year. Furthermore, every third responder confirms the use of travel agencies. 

When it comes to travel companies, simultaneously with the increase in demand, competitiveness has also increased and is still on the rise.

That’s why the importance of a superior representation of your travel agency has never been so crucial as it is right now. But how can you make people choose your company among hundreds of others? The answer is simple – you should present your offers and tour packages using the best marketing tools. Let’s delve into this topic and get to know how you can promote your travel agency.

3 Tips On Promoting Your Travel Agency

1. Make the most of social media

The first thing that arises when you want the world to hear about your company is social media. It is especially important when you run a travel agency.

The thing is, traveling is a highly visual business. People usually decide where to go when they see inspiring pictures, so you can take advantage of this and post breathtaking photos of your client’s favorite vacation and holiday destinations. Moreover, visual content is frequently shared, that’s why posting stunning pictures and videos can help you reach more people.

2. Remember about filling out your website 

Even if you decide to promote your travel agency through social media, don’t forget to create a website with all the necessary information. 

One of the main reasons you should consider having a webpage is that it helps generate more leads and therefore increases sales. It also attracts new buyers that weren’t looking specifically for your offerings but were just researching a topic. 

3. Don’t be silent about your travel agency

You may have the best travel agency with the widest option of package tours all over the world. But how on earth will people get to know you if you sit silently in the shadows? Get a grip on yourself and start telling people how you can help them and share the advantages they get from using your service.

One of the ways you should try sharing your offerings is by giving presentations. Doing so, please remember that the purpose of your promotion shouldn’t always be just selling the tours and other things. Presentations are also used for educating, informing, and motivating people. They are a win-win situation for both you and your audience as they help you to be heard and the audience comprehends an interesting topic. 

When you finally decide to speak out, there are two ways that you can craft a presentation. You can do it yourself or take advantage of professional help from MasterBundles. You don’t have to think about the design elements in your template, as the team has already thought about them. In their best PowerPoint themes you will find a lot of ready-made solutions such as thematically crafted icons, charts, and fonts. Moreover, everything is selected according to the topic of your presentation and is just waiting for you to use.

We have covered the list of travel PPT templates, where you will find breathtaking high-quality pictures and design elements that are perfect for a travel-based presentation. 

Top 6 PowerPoint Templates for a Stunning Travel-Based Performance

Tropical Summer PowerPoint Template

Immerse your audience in the tropical summer with this template. The background is white and seems to be perfect if you don’t want people to be distracted by unnecessary information. 

High-quality pictures of palm trees, crystal blue water, and sandy beaches will help you to transmit the atmosphere of the perfect holiday. This presentation template will be the best option if you want to conduct your performance using a storytelling technique. Thanks to photos, you can make people feel like they are in that place now and they can see all the beauty around.

Sakura Presentation Template: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides

Are you giving a travel presentation according to Japanese culture? Then try this template. You can choose whatever tone you like, as it contains 5 color schemes. 

All the icons and pictures are editable and based on eastern culture. Such little add-ons like magic lanterns, dragons, and chopsticks will influence people’s subconscious and increase their desire to see all these things with their own eyes. 

Сolombia Travel Presentation: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides

This template is crafted in green and blue colors that enhance feelings of calmness and freedom. The presentation contains a lot of high-resolution photos, which were selected specifically for travel-based performances. Plenty of icons and images will make your performance even more interesting and visually appealing. Everything is fully customized and can be used in every possible way you can imagine.

Trap – Travel PowerPoint Template

Do you want to show any evidence or statistics during your performance? Then consider using this template. It contains ready-made diagrams and infographics that will help you to showcase the information and convey your idea. 

This template is a good choice if you want to promote your hotel. Thanks to numerous charts you can show the number of satisfied visitors or the growth of positive reviews.

130 Animated Maps 2021: Map Infographics & PowerPoint Elements AI, PSD, EPS, PNG, XML, KEY, PDF

Showing statistics on maps becomes much easier with this template. More than 100 maps are included and waiting for your use. All of them are fully animated and can be applied to your slides. You can go even deeper and show not only countries but cities and districts as well. Flags, map markers, and navigation icons that are included in this template are originally crafted and will increase your audience’s interest.

Atravela – Adventure PowerPoint Template

You don’t need to think about color combinations if you choose this template for your performance. The main tone is yellow, and without any doubt, it will evoke feelings of cheerfulness and happiness. It makes a perfect match with the fonts and the style of the presentation itself. 

You will also be amazed by the number of bright pictures of different countries. In addition to high-quality pictures of tourist attractions, you will find originally made elements such as graphics and bar charts that will help you to attach your words with evidence and facts.

Wrapping it up

Creating an engaging travel presentation isn’t an easy task. However, if you do it wisely and use all your resources you can make it easier.

Don’t underestimate the impact of PowerPoint presentations. If you do it right you may even convert the viewers who initially had no interest in your offerings. So go ahead and get everything you can for your presentation!


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