How to Raise Caring Kids

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It’s easy to focus on your kids’ extracurriculars, grades, and other activities. You might ensure they do their homework, study, and arrive at their activities on time. However, many parents fail to focus on ensuring their kids turn out to be good people. The good news is there are a few ways you can instill in your kids the importance of being good people, even from a young age.

Lead by Example

Think about the example you present your kids, even when your kids are not watching. Consider whether you thank others who help you if you avoid gossiping about other people and if you take time to help other people, such as doing volunteer work. you directly influence the way your kids act, so make sure you are setting a good example and spending adequate time with your children. If you find your work demands are taking you away from your kids, you may want to reconsider your vocation. 

When you don’t have enough time to be with your children, you won’t be able to model good behavior. There are many ways to find work that is less demanding on your time. One way is to get a degree in a field with flexible job opportunities. You can take out a student loan to pay for college. There are Earnest student loans available that can give you a start on a more parent-friendly career path.

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Encourage Them to Help Other People

Empathy is all about being able to put other people first, considering their needs above your own. Encourage them to talk about their feelings to develop this skill. It’s common to hear about kids hurting other people through bullying, but not all kids are like that. In fact, many kids do good deeds every day in their lives, whether it’s helping with volunteer work or helping someone else feel better. Encourage these positive attitudes, and make sure you talk about the negative effects that bullying, gossiping, and other such behaviors have on other people. 

It’s a good idea to teach them to think about other people by doing volunteer work. They may help an elderly grandparent or neighbor, or they may join you in your own volunteer work. Having them think about those who are less fortunate than them comes through consistent practice. They may feel better about themselves for making a difference in another person’s life, even if that person can’t pay them back.

Be Sparing with Rewards

It is important to not reward kids for every good thing they do. That way, they will not associate doing good with getting something out of it. Instead, they should learn that helping other people is their own reward. Of course, you can still take your kids out for dinner, give them gifts, and otherwise treat them. Kids thrive when they know their parents approve of them, so rewarding them from time to time is a tangible way of showing you are thankful for them. Still, make sure giving things is not the only way you show your love. It’s also important to spend time with them.

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