How to Plan a Perfect Birthday Party for Your Little One

No matter if you are celebrating your child’s fifteenth or first birthday, throwing your child an unforgettable party is the top priority of every parent. Birthday parties are a big deal especially when your child is an age from five to ten years old, and after some age, a balloon party won’t cut it. So here is how you can plan a perfect birthday party for your little one, without causing yourself a mental breakdown. 

Create a Guest List

When you are creating a guest list you will need to think about what your child likes. Does your child want to have their whole class there or just a few of their closest friends? It’s best to create a guest list early on so you can get a general idea of how much food and space you need to fit all those people. The important thing when you are inviting a lot of children is to make sure that nobody has any food allergies.

Choose a Theme

By consulting with your child about what they like you will be able to create a theme for the party. It’s always better to consult with them and find out what they really like. If you want to surprise them, you can create a theme around their favourite movie that they always watch. The good thing about them being obsessed with a movie that is popular is that you will be able to find just about anywhere. If they aren’t a huge fan of any movies you can pick a seasonal theme. As a Halloween party if their birthday is around that holiday. But the most important thing is to keep your child in the loop, except if it’s a surprise party, then don’t ask them directly but try to find out what they would like. 

Plan Out The Games

Hosting children’s birthday parties is quite a hard thing to do. Especially if there is a whole class invited. You can’t just let them run around and do nothing because there will be chaos. If you are inviting a larger group of kids it is safer and much easier to hire someone from kids party entertainment services and let them have fun with children. That is why not only the kids will be always occupied but you will provide them with an unforgettable birthday. But if hitting people is not an option you can plan out fun little games that you can play with them along with getting small prizes for the winners of the games. Make sure that each child can win one game so no one feels left out. 

Think about Food and Drinks

There is no need to prepare a fancy three-course meal, but you do need to make sure that their tummies are full. Even though it’s not rocket science it’s essential to have at the party. If you are having the party at home a simple array of sandwiches will be just fine. You can make them more fun by cutting the bread with cookie cutters or if the children are old enough you can create a mini sandwich buffet so they can choose what they like. But if you want to let your child indulge in traditional party foods on their birthday you can get things like mini sausages, cheese cubes, mini pastries etc. The most important thing before giving children food is making sure that they are not allergic to any ingredients in the food you are providing them with. 

Even though every kid loves fizzy drinks, they aren’t the best option for a drink not only because they are so sugary but because many parents don’t allow their children to consume those kinds of things. Provide them with juice boxes and water and they will be good to go.

Get Your Older Guests Involved

If you are hosting a home party, it might be hard to coordinate a group of kids on your own. There is no shame in asking a couple of parents to host the party with you. Make sure that you ask beforehand so they can prepare and take out enough time out of their day to help you. 

In order to organise an amazing birthday party, you need to plan every single detail beforehand. No matter how inexpensive or expensive the party that you throw them is, your child will appreciate it.


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