Guide To The Best AC Units To Install For Air Conditioning In Burnaby

Considering the unbearable heat that affects almost all corners of the globe throughout summer, it’s no wonder air conditioners have become indispensable appliances in every household. Once considered as luxury items, nowadays AC units are mere essentials for homeowners to survive the scorching summer period. 

Due to the advancement of technology, there’s an extensive range of AC models in the market, available in multiple types, and equipped with various features. It’s paramount to choose an energy-efficient model that matches your home square footage and cooling requirements. 

In case you plan to purchase a brand new air conditioning unit, the following guide will help you make the right choice.


Window air conditioners are relatively small units, which can be installed inside both double hung and single hung windows. These appliances have the capacity to cool a single room, not the entire home, thus being the ideal alternative for homeowners who need cooling in one room only. 

Moreover, window units are undoubtedly the most affordable air conditioning method, as these are rather low-cost to buy and require no professional assistance regarding installation. Anyhow, bear in mind that installing such a model would prevent you from operating the window where the AC is fitted as well as impede you from enjoying the outside view. 

Portable air conditioners are similar to the window models in terms of capacity, but these are placed on the floor, instead of being fitted in a window. These units are equipped with an exhaust hose that vents the hot air out of the window, while some of the newer models require no ventilation. 

The greatest thing about these portable units is being easily moved around the house, thus enabling homeowners to switch the AC’s location in accordance with their cooling needs. However, portable models tend to be costlier than the window ones, despite the lower cooling capacity. Click here for some useful tips about installing a portable air conditioner. 

Ductless mini-split air conditioners consist of both an indoor and outdoor unit. The former is mounted on an interior wall for the purpose of providing cool air, while the latter is secured on an exterior wall in order to provide the required power for the system to function. 

Additionally, ductless mini-split models are excellent for homeowners, whose homes lack ductwork, allowing them to enjoy coolness on scorching summer days without going through the trouble of installing a duct system. Besides cooling, these units provide heating over the winter period. Depending on their capacity, ductless air conditioners are capable of cooling or heating the entire home, not just a single room. 

Furthermore, these models are much costlier than both window and portable air conditioners, thus making them a less affordable alternative. Also, homeowners are required to hire professional assistance for their installation, as a hole is supposed to be drilled through the wall in order for the outdoor and indoor part to connect. 

Ultimately, central air conditioning systems are considered to be the most expensive, yet most effective AC systems. This alternative is ideal for homeowners who intend to cool the entire home, as cool air travels through the ductwork and is delivered to every room in the house. These AC systems are believed to be the most energy-efficient variant, enabling homeowners to cut back on their energy bills. 

Moreover, central AC systems provide excellent cooling capacity, low humidity levels, and no noise. Anyhow, similar to ductless mini-splitters, these AC systems are supposed to be installed by professional technicians. Also, in order for the system to function properly over the summer period, it requires an annual maintenance check-up. The following link,, includes some helpful tips about choosing the right size of an AC unit.

Cooling capacity

Regardless of the type of AC you choose, make sure you check its cooling capacity. This feature refers to the amount of heat that the unit eliminates in a given timeframe, which has to be adjusted to the square footage of your room or house. It’s paramount for the cooling capacity to be neither higher nor lower than the optimal number of BTUs (British Thermal Units), as your room won’t be properly cooled. 

In addition, ductless mini-splitters and central AC systems are considered to provide better cooling capacity than window and portable units, which is why they can cool entire homes. However, you’re required to calculate the exact capacity based on the square footage and height of the room, the size and number of windows, and the normal room temperature. 

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important factor to take into account when purchasing an air conditioner. Nowadays, most of the models come with an EER rating, which serves as proof of being energy-efficient units. These models are labeled with stars that indicate their efficiency. The more stars the unit has the more energy-efficient it is. 

Inverter technology

Another indispensable factor to consider when choosing an AC is inverter technology. Make sure you purchase an inverter AC, which is known to be more durable and energy-efficient than non-inverter models. Inverter units use an inverter compressor that keeps running even after reaching the required temperature, thus using less energy in comparison with normal compressors that switch off multiple times while the AC operates.

Bottom line

Make sure you choose an inverter, energy-efficient AC model whose type and size match your requirements! 

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