Learn Basic Car Maintenance with these 10 DIY Project Videos

Looking for a new DIY project?

Here are a few projects that can save you money all while teaching you a new skill!

The minds at The Zebra put together a comprehensive list of 10 basic car maintenance projects everyone should know how to do. Regular car maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of your car but repair shops can be pricey. These basic DIY car maintenance projects will help you keep your car in tip-top shape while saving a ton on professional maintenance costs.

Each project below is accompanied by an original tutorial video on how to perform each task, as well as a write-up detailing why the project is important to your car. Additionally, each project comes with a time and cost estimate, so no need to worry about spending too long staring at your car’s engine!

#1 How to Check Your Coolant Level


#2 How to Check Your Air Filter


#3 How to Check Your Headlights


#4 How to Check Your Oil 


#5 How to Check Your Power Steering Fluid


#6  How to Check Your Tail Lights


#7 How to Check Your Tire Pressure


#8 How to Check Your Tire Tread


#9 How to Check Your Windshield Fluid


#10 How to Check Your Windshield Wipers



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