Preserve Your Summer Memories on Canvas with Canvas Factory

Summer is in full swing and time for creating precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Why not capture those memories on canvas? 

About Canvas Factory

The Canvas Factory makes it easy and affordable to access online photo printing solutions. Whether you want to create metal wall art, acrylic photo prints, or stunning canvas prints, they have it all. The entire process is so easy. Simply upload images from your computer, social networking sites, or choose from their large gallery of free photos. Canvas Factory strives to provide top quality materials for their customers as well as flexible options. 

Canvas Factory features many styles

  • Single Canvas Prints – a single photo on a canvas frame
  • Canvas Collages – multiple photos on a single canvas
  • Canvas Split Image – single photo split across multiple panels 
  • Canvas Wall Displays – multiple photos on multiple panels

In addition to choosing which canvas style you want, you can also determine how you would like for it to be wrapped around the canvas. I selected a 16×20″ rectangle single print canvas design and uploaded my photo. You can rotate or zoom in if you wish. Then, when you’re satisfied with the print, select the wrap style that suits you. I chose Gallery Wrap that continues the image around the edge of the frame.

The entire process is simple and the site is easy to navigate. There are many styles and sizes to choose from, allowing users to create a collage of canvas if you wish to. 

This picture captures the baby of our family. It was taken outside of our home one summer afternoon by my oldest daughter who is an aspiring photographer. I love the brightness against the dark contrasting background. It is a stunning photograph, making it a gorgeous canvas. Thanks, Canvas Factory for another beautiful piece to be added to my priceless collection. 

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  1. I love canvas prints, they just look so understated and sophisticated on the wall. After my wedding I ordered so many canvas prints, I wish I would have known about Canvas Factory then!

  2. I remember doing pictures at a national studio years ago and going to look at proofs. They showed you all the available packages and the cost of having a canvas done was astronomical. It’s great that having a beautiful canvas done from an image it is so affordable now.

  3. Love this, I need to check out especially for our family photo as well as kids photo.

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