Would You Take a Phone-Free Vacation? Perks From Travel Companies

For many years, there was no such thing as a phone you took on vacation. This led to people connecting with others in person and learning more about their new environment. Since the advent of the smartphone and the proliferation of the Internet, it seems that many people are simply taking pictures of their experiences to upload to Facebook or Instagram without really having the experience. It’s gotten to the point where we can’t unplug from anything and our jobs follow us everywhere we go.

These innovations have allowed us freedoms that many of us never had in the past unless we personally chose that kind of lifestyle. Today, everyone can work from their computers or phones if they want to. Unfortunately, instead of bringing us the freedom to travel, it means that we are completely glued to our devices.

Escaping the Phone

That’s why many different places are now offering phone-free vacations. This can cost quite a lot more than a regular getaway, but many of these ‘unplugging’ vacations have sold out all over the world. It seems that people just cannot live without their smartphones, and even though they want to shut off, they find they aren’t able to do so. That’s where these companies come in. For a fee, hotels and other companies offer the ability to completely unplug from life. This also helps bring people together in ways they haven’t experienced for over a decade.


The breath of fresh air that arrives upon knowing that your boss can no longer contact you 24/7 is spectacular, according to those who have enjoyed this type of vacation. Apparently, the lure of the smartphone is such that the only way people can avoid its siren song is by letting other people take control of it. People often feel like it’s their responsibility to constantly stay in touch through social media or texting, but everyone knows that the world operated perfectly well prior to the advent of this technology. However, the culture has shifted so that everyone seems to believe that a smartphone is an absolute necessity.

IRL Company

One of the great benefits of an unplugged vacation is that the other people who are on the same holiday are likewise not connected. This is a great relief for many people who are looking to make that human connection again. There are so many interactions that are missed these days because people are constantly staring at their phones; coffeeshops were once places that people could go in order to meet others, but with retail innovation, they primarily serve as another office in public where you can get your work done in a different atmosphere.

Restoring Work/Life Balance

Since the advent of laptops and smartphones, just about anywhere can be a workplace. This sounds fantastic at first until you realize that it means you’re never able to unplug from work. For those who want to make new friends the old-fashioned way, this proliferation of new technology has made things very difficult. This is a real problem for those who grew up before the new technology made any kind of an impact and remember how things used to be.

Travel Packages

If you’re looking for a phone-free vacation, there are packages available all over the world, from Portugal to Thailand. You’ll also experience life as it was before technology took over, and find yourself a lot more relaxed than you were when you had to answer every beck and call of your smartphone. For some people, it’s a big step to take, especially if they’ve spent their lives connected through technology.


It’s also a much-needed change in the world today, as we navigate our social connections in increasingly distant ways. This can lead to real feelings of isolation and often encourages bullying from people who cannot see the person on the other side of the screen. If you’d like to unplug and see what life was like before all of these gadgets entered our lives, then a phone-free vacation may be just what the doctor ordered.

What do you think? Could you unplug?


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