7 Things To Do If You And Your Child Are Involved In a Car Accident

In the United States, there are over 268.8 million vehicles registered and the number of registered drivers is close to that number. There is no denying that the high level of traffic in the country is one of the reasons why there are so many traffic accidents in the country. If you drive around a lot, there are high chances that you will get in an accident at some point. If you drive with your children in the car, it is important that you know what to do if you are in an accident. Below is a guide on, what to do if you are in a car accident.
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Learn Basic Car Maintenance with these 10 DIY Project Videos

Looking for a new DIY project?

Here are a few projects that can save you money all while teaching you a new skill!

The minds at The Zebra put together a comprehensive list of 10 basic car maintenance projects everyone should know how to do. Regular car maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of your car but repair shops can be pricey. These basic DIY car maintenance projects will help you keep your car in tip-top shape while saving a ton on professional maintenance costs. Continue reading “Learn Basic Car Maintenance with these 10 DIY Project Videos”

What Every Car Owner Should Know About Safety Recalls

As a consumer, it’s reasonable to expect that anything you purchase meets the explicit and implicit promises made of it by the manufacturer and retailer. This becomes doubly true when dealing with expensive items like vehicles. After all, a simple defect on a car or truck can lead to accidents or injury. Whatever the make or model of car you own, here are a few things you should know about how safety recalls work.
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How to Travel Australia By Vehicle

Traveling around Australia is a great way to pack in all of the great sights and landmarks this country has to offer, as many of them are spread out between major cities. However, there are a few things you need to know before you get started. Take these tips into account as you plan your trip!

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Listen to Your Car: 4 Times Your Automobile is Telling You to Get New Brakes

There are a few things that your vehicle will warn you about when they need to be replaced or examined. The brakes are one such system. When you begin to hear some of the warning signs that are given, then you need to find a mechanic who can check the brake pads and rotors to determine how much longer you might be able to safely drive your vehicle.

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What to Teach Your Teen About Car Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are far more likely to be involved in traffic accidents than drivers who are over the age of 20. While it’s too ominous to say that your teenage driver will be in an accident at some point, you should still teach them how to drive safely and what they should do if they are ever in an accident.

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Car Care: 5 Auto Care Tips to Look into This Spring

After a long difficult winter season, your automobile may look like a mess on the inside and outside. Not only does a vehicle receive contamination from snow and ice on the exterior, but also, you may not clean the interior of the vehicle for several months. As soon as spring arrives, you should begin to clean your vehicle to protect its paint and upholstery. Use these pointers to have a vehicle that looks beautiful.

Wash Your Vehicle at Home or at a Car Wash

Washing your vehicle on the first warm spring day is essential for your vehicle. This cleaning process will remove road salt, tar and grime from the painted and metal surfaces. If you leave dirt on your vehicle, then the metal, glass and paint are degraded by the chemicals, leading to rust and other problems.

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How to Check Your Car before a Road Trip

Contributed by Blake Slade

As a young man in my 20’s, I decided that I wanted to drive to a warmer climate. I headed south for Florida. I was impulsive and left by simply driving my car with only a road map for guidance. Eight hours later I discovered my mistake. I came out of the diner where I had stopped in for an afternoon meal to find that my engine would not start. I turned the ignition key and got only a bump noise. The starter had failed. Luckily I had tools in the trunk and I was young. I performed road service myself in the diner’s lot. I jacked the car up and removed the starter. I then hitched a ride to an auto parts store, traded my old starter in for a rebuilt one and hitched back to my ride. I then installed the starter and was on my way again.
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What Every Girl Needs to Know About Her Car

Contributed by Nataliya


Girls love cars – that’s a fact, supported by another fact: a guy’s car might have a lot to do with his level of attractiveness. But there are many women out there who own their own cars and drive them around the city daily. Unfortunately, most of them know little (or nothing) about their cars, except how to drive them. Don’t be that girl! You are a strong women who can multi-task loads of things, from job to kids, so you definitely need to be able to do the basics for your car, like the regular checkups.
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Lodging for Vehicles: How to Keep Your Car Protected during the Cold Months

Tens of thousands of Americans park their vehicles outside throughout the year, and you may be one of them. Whether you do not have enough room in your garage or do not have access to a garage, your car may be subjected to icy winds, sleet, snow and salty roads throughout the late autumn and into the winter months. Guard one of your most important investments by following these four tips for keeping your car clean, protected and shiny.

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