3 Unique Birthday Party Ideas Perfect For Summer

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A birthday is a special event that is best celebrated with a party. You could do the typical cake and ice cream, but there’s not really any fun in that idea. Get a little outside of the box when it comes to a birthday over the summer so that it’s one to remember. When you begin planning the party, think about every aspect so that the details blend together, such as the food, decorations, and games that you play. If the party is taking place at a location other than your home, then consider offering food in a theme that matches the location.

Get Colorized

A neon party is a fun idea for any age. You can create a neon-colored powder that can be used as a smoke effect in the yard. Another idea is to create a colorful relay race with everything from water balloons with paint in them to a water slide with food coloring. Each child at the party can get a bag of colored powder to throw around in the yard to create a neon haze. It’s best to use brighter colors with this party so that they can easily be seen at night. Add a few glowsticks as well if you plan on the party going into the evening hours. Food can include cupcakes that are made with neon food coloring and a sprinkling of edible glow paint on the top of the icing. Guests can make their own ice cream sundaes with toppings of bright colors, such as fresh fruits, sprinkles, and syrups. Send kids home with a treat bag that’s full of everything colorful, such as crayons and a coloring book.

Under The Sea

If you’re looking for a fun place to hold a birthday party, consider an aquarium. There are 215 aquariums in the US, making it a fun and most likely easily accessible options. An aquarium, like this aquarium in Utah offers a cool environment for guests to enjoy instead of being outside in the sun. Guests can also learn about the animals that live in the water, making it an educational party as well. Most locations like this offer special tours and lessons for kids at the party. Food served can include cupcakes or a cake with aquatic animals, hot dogs with spaghetti at the ends to look like an octopus and drinks that are blue and green to look like seaweed in the ocean. Another option for an aquatic party is to have the celebration at a swimming pool with fun decorations that make the guests feel like they are in an aquarium instead of a pool, such as fish on the side of the pool and bright plants that you would find in a fish tank.

Screaming For Ice Cream

What better way to cool off in the summer than by enjoying a cone of ice cream? Take the love of the cold treat to a birthday celebration by turning a room of the home or a patio into an ice cream parlor. Hang cutouts of ice creams from the ceiling with streamers in pastel colors. Create an ice cream cart so that you can serve ice cream to the guests. You could also design an ice cream parlor with a bar that is complete with all of the toppings that you would need for a sundae to a banana split. Games could include guessing how much a container of ice cream weighs or seeing who can finish a cone of ice cream in the fastest time.


There are numerous ways to celebrate a birthday party in the summer. It’s a season when you can set up ideas to stay cool, such as swimming or enjoying a cold treat. Make sure you offer something that all guests will enjoy by planning weeks in advance. The most important thing about any birthday is that you have fun.

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