How to Help Your Elderly Parents Transition to Assisted Living

Although you know the day is fast approaching when you will need to place your elderly parents in a senior residence, you fear how they will react to such a drastic change in their lives. Many adult children of senior parents have faced this issue in the past and although every family is different, there are some things you can do to make the transition to assisted living easier for them.

Schedule One or More Short Stays

Some families have found that the best way to ease their parents into a senior residence is to find one that has a Short Stay service. These are great for caregivers who just need a break and also for times when a senior is released from the hospital but needs more care than family members can give them. Perhaps you have been caring for your elderly parents for some time and just need to get away for a bit of respite. This would be the perfect opportunity to introduce them to a senior community with assisted living Houston, for example. It’s a perfect way to get them acquainted with the care staff and the type of residences they have available.

Begin Talking to Them About the Move

This may be extremely emotional if they have been living with you for any length of time. At one point you noticed they were not able to safely care for themselves so you brought them to live with you. However, as they have aged, it may be difficult for you to keep up with their needs. Once they’ve been introduced to a senior residence that they have become familiar with and actually had a pleasant stay there, it will be easier to talk to them about the higher level of care they will get there. You can also mention the community of other seniors they will be able to socialize with.

Reassure Them You Will Be There

It would also be prudent to reassure them that you are not abandoning them to the care of others. You can explain that it’s become a bit more than you can handle at this stage in your own life but you will be there often to visit. Explain that it is best for everyone, but especially for them because you love them and want them to have the best care possible. Once they understand that you are not throwing them to the wolves, so to speak, they might even be happy about the thought of having a new social life with other seniors like them.

Throughout all of this, the best thing you can do to reassure your elderly parents that the transition is for the best is to reassure yourself that you are doing the right thing for them. Don’t let guilt nag at the edges of your conscience because they will almost always pick up on the fact that you are nervous about making these changes. Try to understand that you cannot care for them as they need and this really is what’s best for everyone. When you are at peace with yourself, it will be easier to give them a sense of security and that’s really what matters. Everyone will be better served.

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