5 Signs It’s Time for Assisted Living

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Assisted living is a senior care option that offers a wide range of care services, including independent living, memory care, and help with daily activities. It promotes social interaction among seniors and improved health through increased physical activity, reduced stress, better nutrition, and help with daily living tasks.

With assisted living, family members have the assurance that their loved one is in a comfortable and safe environment, giving them peace of mind. While the right time for assisted living varies from one individual to another, some indicators can help you determine when to move. Here are five signs it’s time for assisted living.

1. Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline or impairment involves slowly losing one’s thinking abilities, including remembering, learning, concentration, and reasoning. It manifests differently from one individual to another due to varying health profiles, capabilities, and life circumstances. Forgetfulness may increase as people age. However, rising or consistent concern regarding mental health performance could indicate a cognitive decline issue.

Someone with this condition forgets things often, forgets crucial social engagements or appointments, and finds it overwhelming to make decisions, plan what to do to complete a task, or understand instructions. An elderly with cognitive decline might also begin having issues finding their way in familiar environments, become more impulsive, or increasingly make poor judgments. An assisted living facility that provides comprehensive memory care services, such as Longhouse, can help care for your loved one.

2. Isolation

Older adults staying alone are at a greater social isolation risk and increased depression and loneliness feelings. Loneliness and social isolation hinder good health by increasing the possibility of heart disease, high blood pressure, a weak immune system, obesity, cognitive decline, depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s disease.

If a senior is experiencing headaches, unexplained fatigue, appetite changes, anger outbursts, or trouble sleeping, they could be lonely. As such, it could be time to consider assisted living. In assisted living facilities, elderly people stay in a community environment where they interact with one another and make friends.

3. Declining health

Statistics indicate that 85% of Americans above 65 years have at least one chronic disease, and 60% have at least two. If an older loved one’s health suddenly declines, it could be due to poor nutrition. Seniors living alone have challenges cooking for themselves, and their diet might not be balanced. Additionally, they might forget to take their medications, particularly when experiencing cognitive impairment. Moving to assisted living can help improve an elderly’s health due to the healthy, nutritious meals provided and help with medication.

4. Challenges Maintaining a Home

Household upkeep gets challenging as people age. House chores become risky and tiring for older adults to complete on their own, including laundry, vacuuming, cooking, cleaning, and other strenuous tasks. When house upkeep and maintenance become a challenge, assisted living is the best solution for your loved one because they don’t have to do anything if they’re having difficulties. Help with daily activities is readily available.

5. More Injuries or Accidents

Recurring injuries or accidents at home, mainly due to the lack of safety features, indicate that a loved one should move to assisted living. There, safety is a priority. Assisted living staff members are trained to handle emergencies, and the facilities are senior-friendly with improved security features.


Determining the right time to transition to assisted living can be challenging. However, familiarizing yourself with the signs it’s time for assisted living can be helpful. 

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