How to Get Better Sleep on a Plane

The thought of finally reaching your final destination after a long flight is exciting. What’s not so exciting? Trying to get some sleep on a plane. While it may be possible to shoo away boredom during a long flight, getting some sleep on a plane can provide you with energy when you reach your final destination and fight any signs of jet lag, improving your overall travel experience.

But let’s face it: a plane is just not designed for good sleep. Unless you fly in first class or have the ability to fall asleep anywhere, the constant sound of a plane engine and the uncomfortable seats make it almost impossible to get some shuteye in flight. According to a study from Expedia, 48% of travelers say they cannot sleep on planes.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. According to sleep studies, there are strategies you can incorporate to increase your chances of falling asleep and stay asleep during your flight. Some strategies include leaning on your armrests, listening to pink noise, providing support to the lower section of your back, and eating sleep-inducing snacks.

Read on to learn how to sleep better on your next long flight with these 15 science-backed tips from Casper.

15 Science-Backed Tips for Sleeping on a Plane

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