How Driving in Los Angeles Has Changed Over the Last Decade

Los Angeles has been a big city for quite some time now, with a network of challenging roads and highways for drivers. The population of the metro area continues to grow, albeit slowly, going from about 3.8 million people in 2010 to just about 4 million at present. After New York City, it is the most populous metro area in the U.S. One of the most common adjectives to describe the area is “sprawling,” which implies it can be an adventure getting from place to place. If you are issued a traffic citation, finding the best speeding ticket lawyer in the area could save you a bundle of money. As a driver, you might feel the need for speed at times, but it is always a good idea to obey all of the traffic laws, as well as the other laws of the city, even the strange ones. Did you know it is illegal to lick an amphibian in Los Angeles?

The Changing Landscape of Los Angeles Traffic

With its huge metropolitan area, stretching from the beaches to East L.A., it’s not uncommon to drive for fifty miles or more without ever leaving the city. The city is still famed for problems with gridlock, though the infamous smog has cleared a little in the last ten years thanks to cleaner cars. Driving in the city is unique for several reasons. Drivers should be aware of the following laws and conditions of the road in L.A.:

  • Car pool lanes for high occupancy vehicles are located to the far left on many freeways
  • A Fastrak or transponder can be used for solo drivers who pay a fee to use carpool lanes
  • Cell phone use in cars is prohibited without a hands-free device
  • Motorcycles can legally split lanes 
  • Sobriety checkpoints near entertainment venues are a common feature in recent years

If you are issued a ticket for a driving offense, your best bet is to consult with traffic attorneys. This provides you with an opportunity to contest the charge, which then may be reduced or completely stricken from your record, saving you points, penalties and higher insurance premiums.

The Evolving Laws for Speeding in Los Angeles

Recently, speed limits on 100 miles of Los Angeles streets were raised, most increasing five miles per hour. The city council claimed this was in response to a law that prohibited law enforcement from using speed traps to ticket drivers. A law on the books said the police could not use electronic devices to ticket drivers on streets where the limits were too low for the natural flow of traffic or that had not been surveyed in seven years. To bypass this, the city council raised the speed limits, but said the aim was to provide more police presence to catch the worst offenders.

If you believe you have been issued a traffic citation unfairly, contact a traffic lawyer Los Angeles for a free consultation. Many reasons exist why a ticket will not hold up in court, including faulty equipment, failure to follow procedures and improper interpretation of current laws.

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