How to Pick the Right Rug for Your Bedroom to Make It Cozier

Have you stepped out of your bed on a cold winter morning, only to find out that the floor underneath your feet is ice-cold? You’ll agree that is hardly a feeling more annoying so you should do something about this.

Placing a rug on the floor is an excellent solution that will ensure you never again feel the chills in your bedroom. Furthermore, a rug is a great interior décor detail that can transform the look of the bedroom. However, you still need to pick the right rug to make the room as cozy as possible.

Getting the size right

Will the rug cover only the floor area directly underneath the bed or will it cover most of the room’s surface? This question is one of the most important ones as it will influence the final price of the rug. A general rule is that the rug should protrude from the bed up to a meter. In stately bedrooms, there could be more than one rug covering the floor. 

Of course, if there is a trunk or bench adjacent to the bed, then these measurements should be extended. In the case your bedroom is small in size, then the rug should at least be large enough for the four legs of the bed to rest on it.

The material the rug is made from

Once you know the exact size of the new rug and before you are ready to settle on a particular color scheme or style, you should decide on the material yours will be made from. The material the rug is made from should be suitable for all seasons because it is not going to be cloudy all the time outside.

The bedroom should have plenty of natural light (alongside nightlight) which turns into a scorching heat in summer. Most carpets tend to fade away when exposed to direct sunlight. Apart from using the blinds in the bedroom, choose rugs that are made from polyester, nylon, and cotton which are all materials that are quite durable.

Viscose and silk rugs will give your room a nice shimmer but the show wear and tear quickly. On the other side, polypropylene rugs are durable and easy to clean, even from pets’ hair. The same goes for wool rugs which are absorbent, which not a quality suitable for the living room. 

Choosing a stylish rug

Regardless of the material bedroom rugs are made from, one of their biggest advantages is the lack of foot traffic. The carpet in the living room or even worse, in the hall is not this lucky so you should choose them based on durability. However, bedroom rugs should be primarily chosen according to their style, color, and design. 

In terms of colors, neutral hues work best for the room you sleep in. The last thing you need is a tacky color to keep you up at night. As far as style is concerned, go for affordable bohemian rugs that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. The more versatile a rug is, the less it will cost.

Maintenance issues

In terms of keeping a rug’s look for a number of years and hopefully decades, be aware that thin and bumpy rugs are easier to clean. Although you won’t enter the bedroom with muddy shoes, your pet will probably have access to the bed or the area underneath it. This means a lot of pet hair will get deposited on the rugs so absorbent wool rugs are definitely not the best option.

In terms of maintenance, the best rugs are the aforementioned polypropylene ones. If you are quick to react once a spillage occurs, you may not need to wash the entire rug, as a simple swipe of a wet cloth should do the trick. In addition, polypropylene rugs generally obviate the need for a rug pad, decreasing the chances of anyone slipping or tripping on the rug.

What does a rug pad do?

Finally, you need to decide whether your bedroom rug will require a backing. Although the rug will be fixed underneath the bedposts, its edges are still loose. In order to prevent losing your footing on the border of the rug, you might want to place a rug pad underneath it. Rug pads add traction and enhance the padding of a typical carpet or rug.

Depending on the material of the rug you have opted for, your bedroom rug may or may not require a pad. If you keep losing your grounding, then place a rug pad on the floor because it is slip-resistant and best works on solid-surface flooring. In addition to its main function, a rug pad acts as a cushion of sorts. It can be combined with thinner rugs to improve the feeling of softness.

Making the bedroom cozier has a lot to do with the rug you decide to put inside it. The rug is not a meaningless piece of bedroom décor but an important and functional segment of the room you rest in.


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