Gifts for the DIYer in Your Life

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The pandemic offered many people the opportunity to work on new hobbies and may have even forced them to DIY many fixes for their homes. Because so many of your friends experienced what they can do with their own two hands, they might have become enthusiastic DIYers even after restrictions were lifted. 

If they’ve continued in their DIY enthusiasm, making everything on their own at home, it can be tough to buy them the right gifts. When you’re stuck on finding a good gift for the DIYer in your life, check out these top ideas to help you get inspired.

Tools & Gear

Depending on what type of DIYer you’re buying for, there’s probably always something on their tool list that they’re missing. Whether it’s work gloves, power tools, or a drill bit set, your local hardware store may be a gold mine for gift giving – especially if your DIYer friend loves making home improvements

Check in with them about their upcoming projects, and you’ll probably get all the details on what they need and which of their tools is breaking down. Fill your shopping cart with those essentials and watch their faces light up when they open their gifts!

Homemade Art

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If your DIYer is all about expanding their skills with homemade art projects, you might want to consider kits and sets that will help them explore their new hobby. Whether they love soapmaking, knitting, or painting, there’s a kit out there for everyone! 

One of the most popular options for DIYers looking to make works of art is a paint by numbers kit. These all-in-one gifts come with a canvas, brushes, and all the colors you need to create a complete painting. In addition, many shops have a variety of canvas options ranging from pieces by famous artists to custom photo uploads that allow you to create your own canvas. Once their paint by numbers is complete, they can hang them in their living room for a unique upgrade that showcases their skill and talent!

Organization & Storage

Every DIYer struggles with this one. There just never seems to be enough space in the home for all of their tools and materials! 

The perfect gift for any DIYer who has multiple hobbies or one that’s overflowing into every room in their home is a storage chest or organizer. You can shop organizations by their specific hobby or find a space in their home that would comfortably house some extra shelves. Even gifting them with a label maker, pegboard, or desk organizer set can help them on their path to cleaning up their space.

Body Support

Many DIYers find themselves sore and sweaty after a long day crocheting dolls, wiring light fixtures, or cutting wood beams. Whatever your DIYer does, it’s a guarantee that some part of their body needs a little extra support. 

When they start complaining to you about their aches and pains, take note and shop for what they need. Check out magnetic wrist braces that can hold everything from needles to nails, ultra-soft knee pads for working on the ground, and back braces that make heavy lifting a breeze.

Shop for Them

Every DIYer is different, with unique interests that capture their attention and imagination. Make sure you’re shopping for the things that will actually help them instead of redirecting them to a new hobby. 

While some DIYers love bouncing from idea to idea, others prefer to focus on just one thing at a time. When you pay close attention to what they love most, you’ll find that shopping for them just got a whole lot easier.

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