Exciting New Job Trends for Women in Healthcare

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If you’ve recently finished a degree in a healthcare field such as nursing, administration, or pharmacy, or if you’re just re-entering the job force after a hiatus, you may have noticed that available jobs in the healthcare field have undergone a bit of a transformation. Gone are the days of simple job listings for “nurse” or “doctor”; now there are sub-categories within sub-categories, and all sorts of different job titles and descriptions for healthcare professionals in every area and location. 

It can be overwhelming, but it’s actually a very good thing. Healthcare careers will always be in demand, but having more choices provides better care for the patient and better job opportunities for you!

And to be honest, these new job titles aren’t really different in substance than the healthcare careers we’ve all come to know. They’re just more specific; sometimes nurses go back to school for more rigorous study and qualifications, such as to take the CPCE Exam in order to become a counselor, or a doctor will start practicing a specific type of medicine.

If you’ve got a degree in healthcare and you’re interested in an exciting new career, one that is challenging, but also pays well and offers good benefits, and has a structured schedule that fits in with your life, one of these new jobs in healthcare may be perfect for you. 


Many countries have had hospitalists for a long time, but often Americans aren’t familiar with what they are. A hospitalist, in a nutshell, is basically a PCP (primary care provider), but for a hospital. They are the doctor you’ll see when you’re first admitted, who oversees the general running of the hospital, who nurses and other staff may eport to, and who will likely be in charge of your case (until it is possibly handed off to a more specific physician). Hospitalists are in high demand because, well, every hospital needs one. They are highly trained, good at keeping calm under pressure, adept at delegating, and while they work long hours in high-stress situations, their job is one of the most rewarding. You can find physician hospitalist jobs at practicematch.com and other healthcare job sites. 

Technology Innovation

This is an emerging field in the world of medicine; a job that has grown with technology every step of the way. While hospitals and other healthcare industries have always relied heavily on tech, our mutually beneficial relationship is stronger than it ever has been before. Technology is with us every step of the way in designing new treatments, medicines, pharmaceuticals, testing and diagnostics, and more. Because of this, many healthcare industries are hiring entire teams of technology innovators and specialists to work in conjunction with them on every aspect of healthcare. You can rise to the top in these careers, even becoming the head of technology, for qualified candidates with a good deal of experience. 

Home Health Aide

This is by no means a new field, but the need for it has increased exponentially. In previous years, home health aides were often only utilized by the elderly and those in hospice, but nowadays, home health aides are being hired for many varied jobs throughout the healthcare industry. Home health aides are needed for positions with the elderly still, of course, but also the disabled, children with special needs, the chronically ill, immune-suppressed people, and more. These are jobs that are deeply appreciated by the community and often offer flexible schedules and very good pay. It’s also a rewarding job that allows you to interact with people every day.


If you’re interested in a job in healthcare and want to try something new and challenging, why not apply for one of these great careers?

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