Exciting New Job Trends for Women in Healthcare

If you’ve recently finished a degree in an healthcare field such as nursing, administration or pharmacy, or if you’re just re-entering the job force after a hiatus, you may have noticed that available jobs in the healthcare field have undergone a bit of a transformation. Gone are the days of simple job listings for “nurse” or “doctor”; now there are sub-categories within sub-categories, and all sorts of different job titles and descriptions for healthcare professionals in every area and location. 

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Healthcare Apps and Mental Health: Serious Games to Improve Mild Cognitive Impairment

There can be no better way then brain games to stimulate your brain to work at its best. Challenges presented in games can entice your mind into shifting its gears to come up with a solution. Roughly 4% of the US population suffers from a severe mental illness accounting for 9.8 million in numbers. With such a bleak background picture, letting your psychological health slip into an abyss of neglect is not an option.
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Uninsured? 4 Frugal Healthcare Tips to Follow

Healthcare can cost you money just for co-pays and deductibles, but it’s much more expensive when you’re uninsured. Even though your best bet is to sign up for some form of health insurance, it’s still important to get the care you need for medical issues no matter what. If you’re dealing with health problems but you don’t have an insurance policy right now, here are four tips for keeping your medical bills to a minimum.

Choose Urgent Care Instead of the Emergency Room

Which type of facility you choose obviously depends on your condition, and if it’s a true emergency, you should always go to the emergency room (ER). But for less severe problems, an urgent care like Calverthealth or someone similar is the better choice because the cost is far more reasonable. There are also urgent cares available specifically for people who have low incomes. Check out the urgent care options in your area and you may find one with affordable rates for basic services.

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5 Ways to Support a Disabled Loved One in Your Home


Disabilities aren’t always life-long. A person can become disabled over the course of their lifetime, whether it is due to an accident, a degenerative condition, or a variety of other causes. When you step in as a family caregiver, you have to adapt your own life and home to help support your disabled loved one. Doing so can be difficult and confusing at first, so let’s look at five different ways you can support your disabled loved one in your home environment.

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