5 Fashion Trends for Summer 2020

What exactly is a fashion trend? It’s a way of expressing yourself aesthetically at a certain time, especially in clothing, makeup, accessories and a lifestyle. Fashion and fashion trends can vary depending on the society you live in or social class a person belongs to. Fashion continues to reflect and represent current events, pop culture and society.

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Usually, fashion trends are started and influenced by famous and popular people in a specific culture, such as musicians, influencers and celebrities. In most cases, popular and current fashion trends take cues from the past and they’re reworked so that they can fit the modern tastes. Some pieces of fashion that were popular in the 70s, 80s, 90s and beginning of the 2000s are still used nowadays and enjoy a resurgence in today’s clothing styles.

Summer is getting closer and if your goal is to look fashionable and trendy let’s take a look at which fashion trends will be popular this summer.


It looks like this summer is the season of crochet. Some may find this old-fashioned and like something, their grandmother would wear, but some may be excited because they enjoy knitting and now they can use this skill and make their own eg. crochet dress. The cool thing about crochet is that it’s a mixture of modern times with a special touch of grandma’s handmade technique. 

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There are lots of crochet possibilities this summer – feminine dresses, cozy evening wear, colourful skirts or shirts. The best part is that this trend and piece of clothing is a sustainable fashion that can be passed from one generation to another and it can last longer than other clothing styles. You can wear your crochet dress on the street or at some social event and look effortless but chic at the same time.

Cozy Shirt Dresses

There’s no doubt why this piece of clothing will be trendy this summer – it’s effortless and comfortable at the same time, and who doesn’t like that? Another reason why this will be trendy is that you can wear it for the office or on a spontaneous road trip. The shirt dress is versatile and it won’t let you down. There are lots of stores and online shops such as Style State fashion that can help you with choosing your perfect shirt dress. You can choose a classic black or white oversized shirt dress, or opt for a more colourful design that will brighten up your day.

Bra Tops

This summer bra tops are something you’ll want to show off. Even though there’s minimal fabric in this clothing, it doesn’t mean that this can’t be fashionable and chic. 

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You can wear your bra top with high-waisted pants and create a perfect summer look. Or, you can create a more modern look by wearing a ruffle-embellished bra with a midi skirt. With this look, you’ll have everyone’s eyes on you.

The 70s Vibe

It looks like the present of 70s style and fashion is getting more popular. This fashion trend is all about having fun. One of the clothing pieces that you’ll probably need this summer is a boho dress. Boho dresses are floral, floaty, comfortable and feminine – all a girl needs. For those reasons, it’s quite likely you’ll want to wear this piece of clothing all season. Another fashion trend that’s finding its way from the 70s are clogs. 

Clogs will probably never go away because they’re comfortable, chic and versatile. Apart from clogs, other shoes that you may find interesting this summer are abba sandals. These sandals are cute, inspired by clogs look and associated with the famous ABBA band.

Polka Dots

Polka dots seem to be always fashionable, probably because this print is adaptable and flexible. For this summer you may want to find a perfect polka dot dress that you’ll enjoy. You can style your dress with strappy sandals and create a chic look. Or, you can find a nice polka dot blouse that you can combine with a nice pair of jeans and get a cool look for the office. Just try to keep the scale of this polka dot print toned down and suitable for the occasion.

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Fashion is the most intimate way of expressing yourself and a way of expressing your values. What we wear represents who we are and what we want to be. Fashion and fashion trends represent one culture and because of that these trends can vary depending on where you live. Fashion trends come and go and they change over time. Most of them find their way back from the past and become popular again.

For most people summer is the happiest and the most long-awaited season. It’s the season when everything seems more laid back and casual, especially fashion and people’s clothing styles. Most people enjoy keeping up with fashion trends and wearing what’s trendy. Hopefully, this article gave you an idea of what’s going to be fashionable this summer and how to prepare yourself to create the best look. 

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