Decluttering Your Home For A Garage Sale

Did you ever have the feeling that your house was about to fall on you? Have you managed to gather so many unnecessary things in your home, and now they are suffocating you? If that’s the case, it’s time to make a change. The time has arrived to de-stress both yourself and your home. Here is how you can start decluttering your home for a garage sale and revitalize your home while also making some money.

The easiest way to go through a home decluttering process is to prepare in advance. The better organized you are, the easier it will become. Make a list of the essential things to do before starting and try to follow it. 

Here is how you can start preparations for decluttering your home for a garage sale:

  1. Make an inventory of the things in your house.
  2. Try to create a sorting system.
  3. Prepare for the garage sale.
  4. Host your garage sale.

How to make an inventory of your goods

The simplest way to make an inventory of your house is to do it room by room. You can use a pen and paper, go through every room and write down what you see. Don’t overdo it, but also try not to skip important parts. Have a general look at the room first, and then go into a bit of detail. 

Making an inventory of your assets is the perfect opportunity to also evaluate them. Look out for the important things, such as fragile and valuable. Try to take care of the breakables first by packing and putting them aside or creating a special place for them. Decluttering your home for a garage sale can become messy, and so it can be a danger to your valuables. They can get lost or damaged in the process

Every room has a different purpose and different arrangements. If you want to declutter your home the efficient way, treat each room accordingly. When making the inventory, don’t skip the drawers in the kitchen, just like you shouldn’t forget the closet in the bedroom. A lot of clutter can be “invisible” at first glance. 

When you are finished with the inventory, it is time to start with the actual decluttering. Again, take one room at a time and, based on your notes, try to put your things under different labels.

Creating a good sorting system

Make some room in your house where you can deposit the separated items. You can use labeled boxes to organize better. Each box should contain only what is written on the label. If you are uncertain about some of the items, you can create a special box just for those. In the end, you can come back to that box and sort its contents again.

Things to keep

Under this label, you should put useful items. Things that you use often or that have a purpose in your house. Try not to keep things that you are emotionally attached to but without actual use or utility. Unfitting clothes, old CDs, magazines, and other similar objects should find their way into the other boxes more suitable for such content.

Things to give

This box can contain things that you don’t find useful anymore or that you have never used. You can call your family and friends to check the content of the box or to donate the things inside. Make sure that the goods inside are in working condition. 

Things to deposit

You might have stuff around the house that you do use, but only rarely. Christmas ornaments are a good example of things that should go into this box. After you finish sorting, you should transfer the contents of this box to a storage unit. The attic, basement, or garage are good alternatives, just try not to clutter these rooms again.

Things to recycle

You can try to recycle all the things that can be recycled. Put aside all the paper, plastic, or glass items you don’t need anymore and get in touch with a recycling center. You can clean your house and help the environment at the same time.

Things to sell

From the pile of things that you decluttered from your home, pick the items that have value at a garage sale and can be sold. Items that are considered to have a higher value should be sold in different places. Never sell jewelry or other valuables at a garage sale. People look for bargains at such events.

Things to throw away

Take all the useless junk to the garbage; broken items that can’t be fixed and are not suited for recycling should be thrown away.

Preparations for the garage sale

Now that you have decluttered your home and sorted out which things will be sold, it’s time to prepare for the actual sale. First of all, you should check for local regulations. Find out if there are rules regarding such events and what they involve. 

Pick a place and date for your event and advertise it. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about the event that you are planning. You can also use social media to create an event and share it on the internet. This way, you make sure that you will have enough people coming to your sale so that it will be worth organizing. 

From the boxes with things to sell, separate the items into categories. Clothes, toys, dishes, and so on. It will make things easier for you and any potential buyers. A well-organized sale will increase your chances of selling all of your items. 

Put price tags on all the objects. Try to find the right price for every item you have on sale. Do a bit of research and evaluate objectively. You will sell most of your things as used or old, so try to put a fair price on them. You can even make bundles of certain items and sell them together as a great deal. 

If you don’t think you can manage by yourself, have someone help you set up the place and deal with the customers. Make sure you have small bills and change and prepare a safe place to keep the money. Set everything up a day before if you can. Starting early in the morning will give you the chance to have more visitors throughout the day.

How to host a garage sale

Be ready at least one hour before the start of the sale. You should have a final look through your setup and make any last changes. Put up the signs in the street, play some nice and welcoming music, and you can start receiving your customers.

Garage sales are an excellent place to negotiate, so expect that to happen. Haggle with your customers but be reasonable. The point of the sale is to get rid of all that stuff. You can have a buy one get one free deal or a bulk sale for a lower price. Don’t follow your customers around, and be open to answering any questions regarding the items. Have an approachable attitude but don’t focus too much on wannabe buyers. They are not your target. 

At the end of the day, you should have two accomplishments: your house will be clean, and you will have earned some money. If you have any leftovers from the garage sale, you can pack them in boxes and offer them as a donation. 

Decluttering your home for a garage sale can be a lot of hard work, but it will bring you a great deal of satisfaction. Try to stay focused on your goals and follow your plan. Organize everything in easy-to-follow steps, and you can’t go wrong.


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