Clumsy Kids: Fixing the Common Kid-Caused Damages Around Your Home

When you became a parent, you probably heard from many people how expensive children were. What you may not have realized at the time is that a chunk of these expenses comes from the damage children do to homes. Your curious little one is full of energy and wonder, which will lead to a few broken items around the house during their time there. Keep your home looking great with tips on how to deal with these damages.

Stained Carpets

You have probably asked your child dozens of times to eat at the table rather than in their room or another carpeted area. Unfortunately, your child may break this rule a time or two, which could lead to stained carpet from spilled food and drinks. Keep your carpet looking great by taking care of any spills immediately. Using a clean towel, blot as much of the spill up as you can. Never rub as this can cause the stain to spread. Next, use warm water and a carpet cleaner to remove the remaining stain. Continue to blot until it is gone. You may have to repeat this process a few times, depending on the stain.

Damaged Countertops

Older children may enjoy cooking in the kitchen, but their culinary adventures can easily lead to damaged countertops. Placing hot pots on counters, chopping vegetables without a cutting board, or using harsh chemicals can all ruin counters. Replacing your countertops is one option, but many people opt for countertop repair instead. Counters can be repaired seamlessly, making them look new once more.

Drawings on Walls

If your little Picasso used your walls as a canvas for their artwork, it is going to take a little bit of work to get it off. To remove pen and ink stains from the walls, mix a paste of mild dish detergent and baking soda. Use a toothbrush and work the paste into the drawing in small circles. Rinse well with water. If your child used a permanent marker, try using a little bit of rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining stains after cleaning.

Broken Windows

Playing ball in the yard is a great way for your kids to get some exercise and spend time with one another. Unfortunately, a missed catch could result in a broken window. If this happens, remove any window shards with gloved hands. Tape cardboard or plastic over the window and, if the damage is severe, you may even wish to contact a window installation company to get some replacement energy efficient double hung windows installed as soon as possible.

Clumsy or curious children may cause some damage to your home over the years, but you don’t have to wait until they are grown and moved out to have a house you love. With a little work and some simple repairs, your home will look great once more.

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