2022 Wedding Colors: What’s Trending This Year?

2022 is an exciting year for anyone who gets to say, “I do.” Part of making your special day even more memorable is choosing the color palette that fits your theme and personality. This task often gets pushed to the back burner because many brides-to-be don’t realize that picking the perfect color scheme affects other wedding details, ranging from invitations to bridesmaid dresses.

If you’re not sure which colors to go with, don’t fret! The possibilities are endless, as there are unique shades to fit every occasion. Here are some of this year’s hottest wedding color combos based on the season. 

Think Spring with Pastels & Very Peri

Fear of rainy weather deters many brides from having spring weddings, but what better time is there to begin a union than during a period of healing and rebirth? Birds are returning home, trees are getting their green foliage, and flowers are blooming. Your wedding is just one more beautiful experience to add to the mix!

The best colors to bring out this theme of blossoming and regrowth are nature’s pastels, and we’re going to be seeing plenty of them this year! Sage green is the perfect spring color, and one of our favorites for 2022. It can be easily paired with other pastels, like blush or baby blue, or with darker hues, like jewel tones or other, deeper greens. Pastels can make the perfect accent for your already exquisite wedding dress, whether that means adding a touch of sea green to your bouquet or a pastel pink sash around your waist. Classic pastels add a level of elegance many other color schemes can’t achieve.

If you’re looking for a darker shade this spring, you’re in luck! Pantone’s color of the year, Very Peri, is a gorgeous blue hue that blends perfectly with greens, dusty pinks, and the yellow tones that will be oh-so-popular this spring and summer. You can also opt for even darker shades of blue, like navy, as a statement color for your event. If you’ll be wearing a sapphire gemstone wedding band, it will match this theme and stand out beautifully against your white dress.

Bring On the Summer Vibes with Bold, Vibrant Colors

The summer wedding is a dream come true for brides who yearn to dance the night away in the season’s warmth. You can expect hot temperatures, even on cloudy days, which means you can have that outdoor wedding you’ve always wanted. Best of all (for colors at least), there is a more extensive flower selection to choose from, many of which you can’t get other times of the year. More flowers mean more diverse hues! 

While pastels are still perfectly acceptable for summer, this year, you may wish to opt for bright, bold colors that reflect the mood of the season. Very Peri can easily transfer into summer, and no one can say no to a sunflower yellow or a classic royal blue with white accents. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, either. A neutral color, like dusty rose or champagne, can make more vibrant tones pop!

Fall in Love with Fall Hues

The crisp fall air brings with it changing leaves, making it the perfect season for wedding photos that bring out nature’s true colors. Although it may be chilly, an outdoor ceremony can capture the fall’s comforting feeling. Adding soft blankets to the guests’ chairs will keep them warm and cozy while you’re reciting your vows.

The leaves’ vibrant hues represent popular colors for autumn weddings this year. Variations of orange, red, green, and yellow are perfect every year, but this year, we’ll be seeing more of a desert color scheme for wedding decor. Think the dusty orange of terracotta, the rich color of rust, or a bold mustard yellow. Venues decorated in these color schemes radiate a warm, welcoming feeling, helping the wedding party and guests settle in comfortably after celebrating your nuptials.

Create Your Winter Wonderland 

For a fairytale wedding, consider getting married in the winter. The frigid weather makes winter weddings uncommon, but there are definite perks to saying “I do” during this season. Between the holidays and the snowfall, winter brings with it a festive feeling and a color theme you can’t get any other time of year. 

While you could stick with the traditional red and green palette of the winter season, this year, we’ll be seeing more couples opt for dark jewel tones paired with shades of burgundy or maroon. A modern black may be a good compliment for these dark, heady hues, while you could go with a silver and ice blue color combo if you’re looking for something a little brighter. Don’t forget to incorporate some sparkle, as shiny, glittery decor will be in this year!

Choosing the best colors for your wedding is just as important as selecting the venue. The color theme plays a vital role in the entire planning process and gives your wedding a distinct look that truly makes it a reflection of your character. Pick colors you love to make the day perfect!

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