4 Reasons Why Your New Home Can Alter Your Behavior

Guest post contributed by Donna Estrada

You might encounter questions such as, “Where is home for you?” the answers might vary in each person but they have one thing in common why they end up answering that and it’s because they’ve found comfort in that place that they consider as their home. Four-in-ten or a total of 38% say the place they consider home isn’t where they’re living now. A person’s home is their self-definition because, in some places, it’s not just where they are, it’s who they are.
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Introducing Reebok’s ATV19 – HOT Back-to-School Item!

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Introducing the ATV19, Reebok’s latest technology!   This is a HOT kids item for back to school this year.

The 19 lugs on the shoe allow for traction and performance on any surface.  They also provide a unique looking sole that really stands out.  You know as well as I do that kids love to have the coolest shoes!  Well, wait a minute, many adults do too! 😉

You can pick up a pair of  ATV19 online  at Reebok starting at $59.99 for kids styles and $89.99 for adults.